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Why Should I Join A Self-Publishing Association?

Professional associations exist for almost all industries and employment sectors. Such associations encourage members’ collaboration and mutual learning, working together for each other.
Here are four reasons why you, a self-publishing indie author, might join a self-publishers’ association.

  • To Gain Respect
    Professional organisations encourage high standards. Membership says “I am serious about my writing and publishing”, which encourages others to take you seriously too. For example, ALLi members and advisors are prominent at book fairs, literary events and in press and online media. Members receive a badge which can be displayed on websites and author blogs.
  • To Receive World-class Information and Advice
    Most importantly, to receive that advice from a trusted source: other indie authors and their trusted advisors. Learn about the latest developments and resources in the publishing industry, attend free online seminars and conferences, become part of our closed forums and groups. You gain many shortcuts and insider advice that helps you self-publish well and sell more copies of your books.
  • To Save Money
    But doesn’t joining a professional publishers association cost money? Yes, but membership benefits mean you recoup that money immediately and go on to save a great deal more than the annual fee. There’s even an earning opportunity if you spread the word about the organization.
  • To Open Up to Opportunities
    Professional association provides opportunities for you to network with other authors, publishers and book industry professionals.