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Ask ALLi: Live Online Member Q&A

Ask ALLi from the Alliance of Independent Authors


Ask ALLi

ALLi commits to answering any self-publishing question an author might have. We do that in a variety of ways, through our self-publishing advice center, closed member forums, online author conferences, self-publishing guidebooks and also through live online events, occasional and regular.

AskALLi Member Q&A

Our Member Q&A is a monthly online event for members.

Tell Me More

ALLi members submit their questions, which are answered by our Director, Orna Ross, together with an invited guest ALLi Advisor, with expertise in a particular aspect of self-publishing.

Who Can Attend?

Only members can submit questions and be brought into the live Q&A but everyone is welcome to watch or listen live or afterwards (see below).

I’m A Member. How Do I Submit My Question?

Submit Your Question Here

When’s the next Member Q&A?

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What If I Can’t Attend Live?

You can view past Q&A events below on our YouTube Channel (subscribe here) or listen on Soundcloud (subscribe) or iTunes (subscribe).

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