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Authorpreneur Membership

Applications for Authorpreneur Membership are assessed. You will be required to fill a questionnaire and show evidence.

You are eligible for Authorpreneur  Membership if you:

  • earn your living primarily as an author-publisher.
  • have sold more than 50,000 paid books, or 17 million KU page reads, or other business equivalent, within the past two years.
Join as an Authorpreneur Member here

As an Authorpreneur Member, you avail of full author benefits and additional  business, tax, legal and contract advice.

You have access to a Business & Rights Focus Group, centered on ways to sell more books and grow your author business and income. Your books are included in ALLi’s Rights Guide and you have access to a panel of indie-friendly rights buyers and literary agents and other services to help your sell more books and license publishing rights e.g translation, cross-territory promotions, TV & film.

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