June 8, 2019 Saturday

 PODCAST: Self-Publishing Fiction & Nonfiction  
Orna Ross and Dan Blank survey seven ways to boost your productivity so you can write and sell more books. Expect lots of research based advice about how best to Prepare body and mind, setting daily priorities, Block out time and shut out distractions. Plus: ways to map and log your progress and give yourself rewards.
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 LIVE: #AskALLi Member Q&A  
In this month’s Member Q&A, ALLi Director Orna Ross and US Ambassador Michael La Ronn answer member questions on Facebook Live at 1pm BST (8am EST, 5.30pm IST, 10pm AEST).

Questions this month include:

- What are the best and ethical methods to do a giveaway without using Goodreads or Amazon giveaways?
- If I've self-published my business advice book but want to submit it to a publisher, do I still need to write a book proposal?
- What is the best way to brand a nonfiction self-help series?

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There is still time to submit your questions here: https://www.allianceindependentauthors.org/submit-question-to-monthly-qa/ and you can also have your questions answered live during the session (bring along your membership number).
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Facebook Live 1:00PM - 2:00PM BST