October 23, 2019 Saturday

 PODCAST: Members Q&A and Self-Publishing News  
Answers to members’ current self-publishing queries, co-hosted with Partner Liaison and US Ambassador, Michael La Ronn.

All are welcome to listen and learn but only ALLi Members can submit questions.

Also, ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway updates us on the latest news from the indie author-publishing world.

Questions this month include:

- I published my book with a publisher, the publisher did a bad job, and now I got my rights back. I want to self-publish, but "used" copies of the original publication are still available. How do I market my book around the early edition?
- Has ALLi ever heard of certain publishers that might be suspected of being shady?
- If I make a change to my book, do I need to register a copyright for it again?
- How can I find a children's book illustrator?
- Where can I find information on starting my author business?
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