November 11, 2019 Saturday

 LIVE: #AskALLi Self-Pub Fiction & Non-Fiction  
All the foundations of book marketing begin with knowing your audience. And that is your reader!

How do you identify who your reader is? How deep do you need to dig? What difference does knowing exactly who your target reader is affect your overall book marketing approach?

Join Boni Wagner-Stafford and Adam Croft as they discuss the differences and similarities of identifying readers of nonfiction versus fiction to help you build a strong base upon which to build all your book marketing activities.

Brought to you by Izzard Ink Publishing: where Self-Publishing is no longer publishing by yourself.

TUNE IN LIVE: 7pm GMT, 11am PST, 2pm EST, 11.30pm IST, 4am (next day) AEST
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