March 23, 2020 Tuesday

 LIVE: How To Launch Your Book  
This week’s AskALLi session with Sacha Black and Adam Croft will discuss the conflicting and often confusing subject of launching your book and giving it the greatest chance of success.

You'll learn:

- How changes in publishing have affected the relevance of big launches
- Which approach to book launches different authors should take
- How to set your new book up for ongoing, long-term success

The live session runs at 8.30am on Tuesday morning if you're in Wellington, New Zealand; 11.30am on Monday if you're in Vancouver, Canada, and all times in between. I'm in London so it will be 7.30pm Monday for me. (Find your time on the world clock:

The AskALLi Fiction/Non-Fiction Self-Publishing Salon is brought to you by Specialist Sponsor Izzard Ink Publishing, where self-publishing is no longer publishing by yourself.
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Facebook 7:30PM - 8:30PM GMT