May 1, 2020 Thursday

 PODCAST: How To Manage Your Mailing List  
Do you want to build an engaged reader group?

This week’s AskALLi session with Sacha Black and Adam Croft will discuss how to manage your mailing list to build an engaged readership.

In this salon you'll learn:

- How to grow your mailing list.
- How to engage your list once you’ve grown it.
- How to capture your readers immediately by making the most out of your autoresponder sequence.

If you want to harness fans and build a thriving reader group through effective use of your mailing list, this salon's for you.

The AskALLi Fiction/Non-Fiction Self-Publishing Salon is brought to you by Specialist Sponsor Izzard Ink Publishing, where self-publishing is no longer publishing by yourself.
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