July 19, 2021 Monday

 LIVE: Pre-Order Tactics to Grow Your Business  
Pre-ordering books isn’t a new idea but the rise of self-publishing and ebooks have changed the way they work.

Seeing new opportunities, indies have built avid readerships, improved their read-through and even found new ways to hit coveted bestseller slots by using pre-orders.

You may be panicked by the idea of a looming deadline or intimidated by the logistics of setting a book launch months in the future, but using pre-orders could give you an edge as a self-publishing author.

In today’s #AskALLi Foundational Self-Publishing podcast, Orna Ross and Dan Parsons explain why pre-orders are important and discuss a few creative ways indies can capitalise on them to reach more readers and sell more books.

The #AskALLi Foundational Self-Publishing podcast is sponsored by Dartfrog Books, providing indie authors with bookstore placement and promotion opportunities to more than 27,000 book clubs.
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