November 19, 2021 Friday

 PODCAST: Lean Publishing for Authors  
If you’re an author who writes for pleasure, you can write for yourself but if you’re an indie author, you're also a publisher, and so your book(s) must also please readers.
Lean publishing is one way of achieving that, using social media or other methods to publish a book-in-progress and, based on reader feedback and digital metrics, improve its chances of success as you write.
Join ALLi Director Orna Ross and Production Manager Dan Parsons in this month's #AskALLi Foundational Self-Publishing podcast as they discuss how authors can publish books, the lean way,
The #AskALLi Foundational Self-Publishing podcast is sponsored by Dartfrog Books, providing indie authors with bookstore placement and promotion opportunities to more than 27,000 book clubs.
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