June 13, 2017 Tuesday

 Ask ALLi Member Q&A: Self-Publishing Questions Ans  
Ask ALLi Member Q&A: Your Self-Publishing Questions answered by Orna Ross and Carla King

Each month Orna Ross and a special guest answer Member’s self-publishing questions. This month we're welcoming ALLi member Joseph Alexander into the hot-seat.

Joseph has been a guitarist and expert music tutor for over 20 years. His tuition books are published in four languages and have sold over 200,000 copies to widespread critical acclaim.

Recently his books passed $1,000,000 in revenue and he is currently writing a guide book to self-publishing for authors. There are more details at www.self-published.co.uk. He is currently writing and publishing cutting edge-material that breaks down the barriers between learning and playing the guitar.

As well as a prolific author of over 30 guitar guides, Joseph is also a publisher of up-and-coming music writers. His label, Fundamental Changes is currently accepting and publishing a wealth of new musical talent. It’s all about offering fair and generous royalty deals to talented educators.
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