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Code of Standards

ALLi has a Code of Standards for both Partner and Author Members.

We also run a Watchdog Desk, headed by John Doppler and Philip Lynch, which produces an annually updated guidebook to the best author services, ALLi best practices and the best self-publishing routes.

By displaying an ALLi membership badge on your website, you are reassuring readers and reviewers that they are in the hands of an independent author who values ethics and excellence.

If you are an author and this is important to you, you might also want to download our ethical author badge.

Code of Standards

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Author Member Code

  • Collaboration: As an ALLi Author Member, I recognise that “self” publishing and “independent” authorship are relative terms and that almost nobody who publishes a good book works alone. I partner with other writers,editors, designers, publicists, distributors, booksellers and readers with courtesy, in a collaborative manner.
  • Professionalism: I perform my responsibilities in the publication process in a professional and timely way, providing clear guidelines and thoughtful input to copyeditors, designers, booksellers and all partners, while respecting the expertise of others.
  • Community: I am an active part of the Alliance (ALLi’s) community and the wider self-publishing, writing and reading community, freely offring support and the benefit of my experience.
  • Engagement: I fully engage with the editorial process – including working with editors in framing and shaping my manuscript, appropriately revising and responding to professional copyediting.
  • Editorial & Design: Out of respect to my readers, I aim for as high a quality a publication as possible.
  • Scholarship: I am accurate, to the very best of my ability, in all facts and accounts in my publications. I follow publishing standards in crediting all sources of information, obtaining permission to use material for which permission is needed, and avoiding plagiarism or libel.
  • Marketing: In reaching out to readers, I do not bombard, spam or force my writing upon others.
  • Advocacy: I am an active advocate for the empowerment of writers through self-publishing. I am open and honest about my own experiences and work to benefit and grow our community and extend the possibilities for all writers.
  • Improvement: I seek out the training, education, support and coaching I need from books, courses, specialists, other authors and Alliance members and advisors.
  • Ethics: I subscribe to the Ethical Author code.

I'm an ethical author MediumIf you would like to download our Ethical Author badge, you can do so here.

Partner Member Code

  • Integrity
    We recognise that Partner Membership of
    ALLi means our primary aim is to be of service to the writing and reading community. To that end, we follow through on all promised services and fully honour all advertisements and publication agreement terms. We never spam, oversell or harass authors to buy
    our services.
  • Value
    We add value to each publication commensurate with the fee charged, relieving authors of key publishing tasks, enhancing readability, design
    or discoverability.
  • Clarity
    We make it clear what we can and cannot do for the self-publishing writer — and how our service compares to others.
  • Partnership
    We involve authors in planning and decision-making for key aspects of the publication process, from titles and cover design to sales and marketing strategies.
  • Service
    We are accountable for our work.
    We keep authors informed each step of the way and provide good customer service and follow-up.
  • Communication
    We provide helpful and timely information to authors at all stages of publication, and beyond, and facilitate authors to get access to any necessary ancillary information.
  • Community
    We have a long-term commitment to author-publishing and support the empowerment of self-publishing authors and where possible give back to the indie author community.
  • Terms and Conditions
    Our terms and conditions of service are clear and unambiguous, explaining the full range of our services, and highlighting any unincluded service which a client might reasonably expect to be included.
  • Transparency
    Terms, including pricing, are accurate, complete and transparent to all. We develop trust, loyalty and put our customers at ease by presenting pricing and other terms in a clear and easy-to-understand format on our website. Pricing is displayed as a total cost, fixed fee, cost per unit, or unambiguous price range. Where this is not possible, and quotation pricing is necessary, our website shows indicative example pricing, where necessary referencing a relevant professional organization.
  • Complaints
    Our customer complaints policy reassures customers that we value their feedback, are committed to resolving their issues fairly and promptly, and are committed to continuous improvement. We:
    1) explain how customers can make a formal complaint; and 2) identify the steps taken to discuss, address and resolve complaints and indicate solutions offered
  • Continuous improvement
    We recognize that we work in a fast-changing industry and commit to keeping up to date with new trends and technologies, particularly those that are beneficial to authors. We incorporate such benefits into our programs or inform authors about their availability.

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