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Self-publishing is a fast changing world and here’s where non-members can purchase our ALLi guidebooks for independent authors (free to members, just log in and download).

Our guidebooks follow the same logic as our Author Advice Centre and Indie Author Fringe Conference, dividing our advice across the seven stages of the author-publisher journey: writing, editing, design, production, distribution, marketing and promotion, sales and rights licensing.

All our books are always free to members. Members: download all guidebooks in your preferred format on this page in the Member Zone

Latest Guidebooks

How to Choose A Self-Publishing Service

How to Choose a Self-Publishing Service 2016

“There are sharks out there in the literary waters… This Guide gives you all the skills and information you need to comparison shop — and if you are planning on successfully self-publishing, comparison shopping is essential.” ~ Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware!

This guide, compiled by the Watchdog team at The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), tells you all you need to know in order to choose the self-publishing pathway that’s right for you. Drawing on recommendations from ALLi members, warnings from our Watchdog Services, other community word-of-mouth and in-depth research, the book compares the most significant self-publishing services — from single service suppliers to package providers; from large big brand names to smaller sole traders; from off-the shelf providers to bespoke services. We evaluate these players, compare one to the other, tell you what they do and don’t do, what they charge and for what.

Offerings are categorised, prices examined, royalty structures broken down, terms and conditions trawled, small print scrutinised, and claims checked against the experience of real-life authors who have actually used these services. Using these twenty examples, we show you how to do such a comparison yourself: the good and bad signs to look for, the questions to ask. The aim is to demonstrate all the options you are likely to encounter and show which services are doing a good job – and why you might avoid others. Most importantly, in a landscape where things change rapidly, the Guide provides the criteria by which you can evaluate any author service.

This book:

  • Defines the questions you need to ask, whether you plan to go direct, use trade publishing as a service or hire an full-package assisted service.
  • Offers a step-by-step primer to the basics of self-publishing ebooks, pbooks and audiobooks.
  • Tells you the good and bad signs to look for.
  • Rates the most significant services, from Amazon KDP to IngramSpark.
  • Offers ALLi’s Code of Standards against which all services are rated.
  • Demonstrates different pathways to self-publication, including author co-operatives, crowdsourcing and agent assisted self-publishing.

This organic guide to a volatile industry is updated annually by ALLi’s Watchdog team, so all the information is bang up-to-date. It provides everything you need to know to harness the creative power and potential of self-publishing.

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How Authors Sell Publishing Rights

How Authors Sell Rights by Orna Ross and Helen Sedwick ALLi

How Authors Sell Publishing Rights, from The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), helps authors navigate today’s complex rights marketplace. It shows writers the best ways to reach decision-makers in various industries, what these rights-buyers are looking for, and what to expect in negotiating a license or sale of rights.

The writer’s path to publication has grown more complex, full of new choices. What once was a one-track pathway to print can now feel like a maze of formats, platforms, apps, territories and rights: film, TV, broadcast, foreign, translation, audio and more.

All of these publishing rights represent potential readers and income but each market offers different opportunities and operates by different rules. How are writers to find their way without a team of experts and lawyers?

How Authors Sell Publishing Rights, covers how to pitch, negotiate and close a sale with producers, literary agents and global publishing houses, how to manage book fairs and other sales trips, and how to keep track of your rights business.

Covering financial, relationship and legal aspects, and focussing particularly on audiobooks, TV and film, and translation, How Authors Sell Publishing Rights shows how the publishing landscape for authors is transforming and yielding unprecedented opportunities.

This how-to book for authors who want to understand and confidently sell publishing rights.

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Opening up to Indie Authors

Opening Up To Indie Authors

You’ve self-published a book and you’d like to see it in your local library or bookstore or the review pages of your favourite newspaper. You’d like to speak or read at a literary festival or event. You’d like to enter it for a book award or prize. This Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) guide will tell you how to recognise opportunities, work with publishing partners and open doors, and keep them open, for your own benefit — and that of all indie authors.

This guide is also aimed at those who work in the literary, publishing and books industries: award bodies, book fairs and conferences, libraries, literary festival and event organisers, retailers, reviewers and anyone who acts as a bridge between writer and reader.It gives detailed advice on how to find good self-published books and how they might — and should — be included, wherever readers are found.Packed with useful information, and real-life examples from members of The Alliance of Independent Authors, this guidebook is part of a wider campaign that includes a petition, and lobbying within the publishing industry, encouraging it to open up to the self-publishing phenomenon.

You can sign our petition at

Opening Up To Indie Authors: BUY NOW ON:

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Other Guidebooks Planned for 2017

How to Get your Books into Bookstores, by Debbie Young, which will launch at our Indie Author Fringe event at BEA.

How to Get your self-published book into bookstores 2016 Alliance of Independent Authors

Also coming soon, Director Orna Ross’s guide to how she self-publishes.

How I Self-Publish my Book 2016 Alliance of Independent Authors

“There is no right way to self-publish,” says Orna. “There is only your way. This book shares what I’ve learned through observing thousands of ALLi members navigate the territory, brings you through, step-by-step, how I’ve chosen to do it, across ebook, print books and audio, and — most importantly, offers checklists and planners for you to work out your own best way to publication.”