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Making The Most Of Your Author Membership


“The members who benefit most from ALLi are those who avail of the services, from connection and community to discounts and deals. We aim to create an inclusive environment where you can find support you can trust that meets your individual needs. Do dive in!” Orna

Have You Filled Out/Updated Your Profile?

Things change fast in the indie author business. Visit your profile page regularly and keep it updated. Most especially, make sure you are in the right membership category.

  • Associates:

    Once you have published a book, you are eligible for Author Membership.

  • Author members:

    Once you have sold more than 50,000 books in the past two years, you are eligible for Professional Author Membership.

  • Author members who also sell services:

    You should be a Partner Member to avail of those benefits and have your services listed in our directory. Your dual membership will be noted in the member database and you will still be entitled to full author benefits.

  • [If you need to upgrade your membership, let us know! Email]

    Have You Acquainted Yourself With Our Blog and Signed Up For Our Advice Newsletter?

    We run an action packed Self-Publishing Advice Centre, with a large following, full of indie author news and views, tips and tools, as well as showcasing our members’ books to the world. You can sign up to have it delivered as a daily shot of self-publishing inspiration, or a monthly summary. Please note: this is a separate sign up to your Member Newsletter and must be done separately on the Self-Publishing Advice Centre.

    Have You Offered Us A Guest Post?

    Only members are allowed to contribute to the Advice Centre blog. Whether it’s your personal experiences with self-publishing or advice and lessons you’ve learnt along the way, or opinion or debate – share your thoughts with our readership, and get your voice heard. You’ll find our guest posting guidelines HERE.

    Have You Joined Our Members’ Private Facebook Forum for Confidential Advice?

    ALLi’s Author Advice Centre is packed with valuable advice and stimulating opinion from self-publishing authors all over the world, but our Members’ Private Facebook Forum adds another dimension: the opportunity to ask, away from the public eye, any question about any aspect of self-publishing – and to have it answered, usually within moments, by an experienced, authoritative author who has “been there, done that” and knows the answers.


    “For me, the Facebook group discussions have been the most interesting” says ALLi Member Liza Perrat. “I’ve gained lots of helpful advice and information. The atmosphere is very friendly and easy-going, everybody keen to help others.”

    Our forum is also a place to get to know each other, bounce around ideas, engage with our Partner Members and ask about their services … and, crucially, to gain motivation and inspiration, especially when confused or uncertain.

    Have You Asked For Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions?

    You can do that on the member forum but you can submit your self-publishing questions directly to Orna Ross and Author-Enterprise Advisor Joanna Penn, to be answered each month live on Google Hangout. This advice session is also recorded and stored on Libsyn, so you can catch up any time.

    Submit your question HERE

    Have You Told Us About Your Book Launch Or Other News So We Can Tell The World on Member Showcase?

    If you have news about a book launch, a special offer or deal, an upcoming event or award, and you are an ALLi member, please submit your news for Debbie Young’s consideration: HERE. You can see Members’ Showcase HERE.

    Have You Started To Make Online and Offline Author Friends?

    ALLi members quickly make great online friends and now, increasingly, we’re getting together offline too: at book trade and author conferences and through local meet-ups organised by ALLi Members and Ambassadors. We welcome any offline meetups you want to facilitate, and will do our best to support them. To find out more, take a look at our meetup advice and guidelines.

    Have You Organised Yourself So You Get Paid to Belong?

    ALLi’s Affiliate Program makes it possible to cover the costs of your membership fee by a simple “spread the word” mechanism, effectively making it free – or even profitable – to belong and bring your friends on board. This benefit is open to all ALLi members, including Partners and Associates.

    How it works is simple: for every new member that joins ALLi via your unique identifier, you receive 30% of the new member’s first year membership fee. You can include the link as a simple URL in an email, or use any of the badges we’ve designed for you. See Affiliate Program page for full details.

    You can include your affiliate code anywhere you like: on your website or blog, on your email footer, as a link within your author bio on your ebooks… Attracting a few new members more than covers the cost of your annual subscription and some of our members enjoy a good monthly income from their affiliate code.

    Debbie Young. Picture by Clint Randall

    “Most self-published authors, like me, will have a network of like-minded writer friends who are not yet members,” says our Blog Commissioning Editor and Member Showcase Manager, Debbie Young. “I haven’t had to try very hard to more than cover my membership fees. I’ve also earned commission from people I don’t  know – they simply clicked on the link on my blog, and ALLi’s clever system did the rest. First I knew of it was the appearance of a nice surprise in my bank account!”

    Have You Downloaded Your Free Books?

    All our publications are free to members. Go to: Books Download Page

    Have You Told Us Your Latest News So We Can Share It In Members’ Showcase?

    We tell the world about our members news and events in our ALLi Showcase on our Author Advice Centre. Fill out this ONLINE FORM to be included. Click here to view the Members’ Showcase