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Amy Jo Garner, ALLi Author Member

Location: United States
Genres: Academic, Art & Crafts, General Fiction, General Nonfiction, Illustrated/Photography, Mind Body Spirit, Multimedia, Self-Help/Personal Development, Short/Flash Fiction Collection
Skills: Press/Media Interview, Speaking Engagement/Lecture

Amy Jo Garner is a writer, educator, and artist with a passion for bringing joy to people’s lives. She believes in creativity over conformity and has developed a knack for blending tech, analytical, and people skills to find creative solutions to all kinds of problems. She has used her creative skills to design and edit publications for a non-profit, analyze inventory and budget data on multi-million dollar contracts, create and sell her own art and books, teach at the vocational and community college level, and help adults unmask their own creative talents. She holds a Master of Arts in Journalism from the University of South Carolina and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Northwest Nazarene University. In addition, she has extensive studies in adult education and positive psychology.

Amy Jo Garner's books

A Year of Wisdom Reflections: contemplating the art of being wise

A Year of Wisdom Reflections draws from the Christian Bible’s Wisdom tradition as a way to reflect on what it means to be wise and how to incorporate wisdom into our daily lives. The book is designed as a weekly devotional or journal that can be used by everyone whether they are Christian, spiritual but not religious, or even atheist. By following the prompts, you will have a chance to: think deeply about what wisdom means to you, find ways to make wise choices, understand how and when to speak or not speak, and develop a better understanding of yourself and others.

The book is set up with the Bible quotation and the author's thoughts on the left and space for you to write, doodle, or draw your own thoughts on the right.

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