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Angela Buckley, ALLi Author Member

Location: United Kingdom
Genres: Biography, Crime, History
Skills: Press/Media Interview, Reading/Literary Event, Speaking Engagement/Lecture

Angela Buckley writes about real-life Victorian crime and police history. Her first book, The Real Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Story of Jerome Caminada, was inspired by her family’s roots in Manchester. Amelia Dyer and the Baby Farm Murders, was the first in a new historical true crime series, Victorian Supersleuth Investigates. The second in the series is Who Killed Constable Cock? – a real-life murder case with an astonishing twist.

Angela’s work has featured in national magazines and newspapers. Angela has appeared on BBC radio and TV, including The One Show, and has taken part in many events, such as the Henley Literary Festival, the Manchester Histories Festival and at the Museum of London. She is currently researching detective history for a PhD at Oxford Brookes University. Angela is a member of the Crime Writers' Association and the Historical Writers' Association.

Angela Buckley's books

Detective Caminada's Casebook: Memoirs of Manchester's Sherlock Holmes

Detective Jerome Caminada was a Victorian super-sleuth and a real-life Sherlock Holmes. A master of disguise and an expert in deduction, he pursued ruthless criminals through the dangerous streets of nineteenth century Manchester’s underworld.

Detective Caminada’s biographer, Angela Buckley, presents this unique anthology of his most fascinating cases, including quack doctors, forgers and con artists. In the first volume of his memoirs, published in 1895, Detective Caminada recounted how he tackled anarchists, caught an escaped political prisoner and faced his nemesis in a deadly confrontation. Bearing all the hallmarks of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this compelling collection is essential reading for all lovers of historical crime.

Who Killed Constable Cock?

At midnight on 1 August 1876, PC Nicholas Cock was patrolling his beat in the leafy suburbs of Manchester. Two shots rang out in the dark and the young constable fell to the ground. Irish labourer William Habron was convicted of his murder. Later, in an unexpected twist of events, a startling confession by notorious burglar Charlie Peace, turned this extraordinary case around.

The second in her historical true crime series, Victorian Supersleuth Investigates, Angela Buckley sheds new light on this fascinating real-life murder mystery.

Amelia Dyer and the Baby Farm Murders

On 30 March 1896, a bargeman hooked a parcel from the river Thames at Caversham. Inside the brown paper package was the body of a baby girl – she had been strangled with tape. When two more tiny bodies were found in a carpet bag, the police launched a nationwide hunt for a serial killer.

A faint name and address on the sodden wrapping provided Reading police with their first clue. Can Chief Constable George Tewsley and his colleagues catch this heartless baby farmer before more infants meet a similar fate?

The first in a new historical true crime series, Victorian Supersleuth Investigates, Angela Buckley recounts the frantic race to stop Amelia Dyer - one of Britain’s most prolific murderers.

The Real Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Story of Jerome Caminada

A master of disguise with a keen eye for detail and ingenious methods of deduction, Detective Caminada pursued notorious criminals through the seedy streets of 19th century Manchester's underworld. Known as a 'terror to evil-doers', he stalked pickpockets and thieves, ruthless con artists and cold-blooded killers. Through his groundbreaking detective work, he captured an escaped political prisoner, confronted his own Professor Moriarty, played a pivotal role in the nationwide hunt for the Fenian dynamite conspirators and even exposed a cross-dressing ball.

At the peak of his dazzling career and using methods worthy of his fictional counterpart, Detective Caminada solved his most famous ca ... [read more]

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