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Clare Weiner, ALLi Author Member


United Kingdom


General Fiction


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Writes under pen name Mari Howard (maternal line family surname, related ancestor Ebenezer Howard, and well-known distant cousin Una Stubbs) Born Londoner who's escaped to Oxford. Studied Newcastle University & Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. Writing (novels, and some articles) inspired by contemporary issues ... [read more]

Clare Weiner's books

Baby, Baby

Baby, Baby

Published 2010, publisher Hodge Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9564769-0-6

Listed for the 2013 People's Book Prize 'Smart savvy writing that took pains to get the science - and the religious tension - right ...'

From back blurb:
Hopeful Cambridge applicant Jenny Guthrie is convinced that rational science provides all of life's answers ... [read more]

Baby, Baby

Baby, Baby

Baby, Baby (Hodgepublishing, January 2010), paperback, 7.99 (Kindle 2.55) 'Joanna Trollope meets Bridget Jones' ... Hopeful Cambridge applicant Jenny Guthrie is convinced that rational science provides all of life s answers. Until she meets a paradox in the shape of Max Mullins, trainee medic and pastor's son. Set in the 1980s, Baby, Baby tells the story of Max and Jenny, who as they face the challenges their relationship brings, learn about themselves and each other ... [read more]

The Labyrinth Year

The Labyrinth Year

You gave him those girls. Whats he giving you?

In The Labyrinth Year (Hodgepublishing, September 2014, paperback, 7.99,) the sequel to Baby, Baby), Max and Jenny struggle with the pressures of work and family life. Jennys heart is in genetic research. Max is everyones idea of the caring family doctor. And then there are the kids

As they build their careers and raise their children, can these two young professionals rely on their values to guide them? Is life a deluding maze, or a purposeful labyrinth? ... [read more]

The LabyrinthYear

The LabyrinthYear

Published September 2014

Hodge Publishing

The sequel to Baby, Baby: Max and Jenny struggle with the pressures of family life, work, and cultural differences, as Max becomes a caring family doctor and Jenny an ambitious scientific researcher. Add whacky step-sister Daze, two precocious kids, and the mysterious Etta to the mix, along with the demands of Max's now-disabled controlling father, and Jenny's first chance to present a paper at an international scientific conference where her Dad is also a delegate.. ... [read more]