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Jackie Griffiths, ALLi Author Member


United Kingdom


Advice & How To, Children's, Commercial Fiction, General Fiction, Literary Fiction, Memoir, Mind Body Spirit, New Adult, Philosophy, Religion, Self-Help/Personal Development, Women's Fiction


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Jackie Griffiths is the author of the philosophical novel, ‘Ox Herding: A Secular Pilgrimage,’ and has a BSc in Psychology & Computing and an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies. In 2003 she founded an online copywriting business providing content for websites, print and digital media, before selling up to concentrate on her novels, poetry and short stories ... [read more]

Jackie Griffiths's books

Ox Herding: A Secular Pilgrimage

Ox Herding: A Secular Pilgrimage

Jae has many questions about the meaning of life and the purpose of her existence, but frustratingly, no answers. After the death of her agnostic grandmother, with whom she had her most fruitful philosophical discussions, she embarks on a personal journey to fulfil a mysterious note left to her in the will: 'Seek and ye shall find.'

The plot follows Jae as one spring day she walks over a bridge into a strange world on the other side of the river ... [read more]