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Ramzi Najjar, ALLi Author Member

Location: Asia & Middle East
Genres: Advice & How To, General Nonfiction, Health & Fitness, Memoir, Philosophy, Psychology, Self-Help/Personal Development
Skills: Performance/Spoken Word, Press/Media Interview, Speaking Engagement/Lecture

Ramzi Najjar is a multi-awarded author and serial entrepreneur. Born in Lebanon and growing up amidst conflict and civil-political unrest, Najjar knows first-hand how hardship has the power to forge a person’s personality in the face of adversity. Life hardship and tough experiences have always made him contemplate and analyze all types of situations, to draw the proper conclusions that would help him overcome adversities and succeed in his endeavors.
Graduating from the American University of Beirut with a degree in Public Administration and Political Science, Najjar launched multiple leading businesses in Kuwait and Lebanon. Today he is devoted in parallel to projects related to the environment and other humanitarian projects. In July 2020, he decided to publish his notes and observations that he gathered over the years in a book.
"The YOU beyond you – The knowledge of the Willing" is a compressed summary of all his experiences, realizations, reflections, and vast research on the nature of our reality and offers some new concepts on life’s dynamics.

Ramzi Najjar's books

The YOU beyond you - The knowledge of the willing

“Whilst we are unconsciously bombarded by negativity from all sides and physically and mentally subjected to all kinds of poisons and pollutants, we remain optimistic beings looking for bettering our lives; expecting the caged lions within us to rule jungles; failing to understand that for things to really change one must decide to implement conscious measures to reflect change.”

The YOU beyond you -- A book that will change your perception of life.

★ Literary Titan's Silver Award for Best Book - December 5, 2020
★ Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Body/Mind/Spirit Book - December 15, 2020

We always experience life through our subjective perceptions, built-up beliefs ... [read more]

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