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Wilkie Martin, ALLi Authorpreneur Member

Location: United Kingdom
Genres: Children's, Cookery & Diet, Crime, Fantasy/SciFi/Speculative, Humour, Mystery, Poetry
Skills: Press/Media Interview, Reading/Literary Event, Speaking Engagement/Lecture

Partner in, and am published by, The Witcherley Book Company.
Author of the 'unhuman' comedy cozy mystery fantasy series set in the Cotswolds:
Author of children's books as Wilkie J. Martin.
Author of cookbook as A.C. Caplet.

Wilkie Martin's books


A mourning husband can’t live with his guilt…

… he decides to die, not by his own hand, but in heroically helping the vulnerable.

Since the peaceful Cotswold countryside offers limited opportunities for heroism, despite the presence of some weird and dangerous inhabitants, he ventures further afield.

To his annoyance, new and unlikely friends mysteriously appear everywhere he goes, foiling his plans and sending him back to square one.

Will he succeed or will he come to terms with his grief first? Was his wife as blame free and perfect as he thought or will lurking suspicions of infidelity be proved right?

Hobbes's Choice Recipes (as A.C. Caplet)

A collection of over 100 recipes that are considered to be

‘good enough for Mrs G’.

Mrs G (Mrs Goodfellow) is Hobbes’s ancient housekeeper, while he is a police inspector in the unhuman series of cosy mystery fantasies by Wilkie Martin.A.C. Caplet is a frequent guest in their fictional household in Sorenchester, in the English Cotswolds.

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Omnibus edition contains books I, II, III and IV of the Unhuman Series.

Relative Disasters - A Little Book Of Silly Verse

A short collection of silly verse detailing the plethora of perils that come with being related to Wilkie. Containing six silly poems of nonsense and two short poems giving the events leading up to the unfortunate, untimely and unlikely deaths of fictional family members. Quirky and containing black humour, they are wonderfully illustrated by the talented Ade Gorst.
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The Lazy Rabbit (as Wilkie J. Martin)

Startling New Grim Modern Fable About Laziness Featuring A Rabbit, A Vole and A Fox.

A cautionary new fable for ages 6-8.

An illustrated tale in which lazy Rabbit and sensible Vole join up to travel through a barren land where foxy bandits lurk.

Follow their journey to find out the grim consequences of laziness and who survives.

If you like the original tales from the Brothers Grimm and Aesop, you’ll enjoy this dyslexia friendly edition.

Written as Wikie J. Martin.

All In The Same Boat (as Wilkie J. Martin)

Badass New Grim Modern Fable About Greed Featuring A Rat, A Mouse, A Gerbil and A Shark. A cautionary new fable for ages 6-8. An illustrated tale of the aftermath of a shipwreck in which greedy Rat threatens the lives of his smaller companions as they drift in a lifeboat amid shark-infested waters. Follow their dramatic voyage to find out what happens to them and who survives. If you like the original tales of the Brothers Grimm and Aesop, you’ll enjoy this dyslexia friendly edition. Written as Wilkie J. Martin.

First Ever Unhuman Bundle

Escapism and crazy, quirky adventures in Wilkie Martin's unhuman series. If you are looking for a new fantasy series or a light, funny read, then this unhuman bundle or collection will show why Wilkie has a cult following for his cozy mystery crime fantasies.

Inspector Hobbes and the Bones

Certain trouble lies ahead for Andy Caplet. Is the apparently charming young woman who attempts to seduce him merely setting him up for blackmail, or is something even more sinister afoot? Inspector Hobbes certainly believes so, and, though he's not the sort to worry, he is getting worried.

Inspector Hobbes and the Gold Diggers

Receiving unwanted attention after foiling an armed robbery, the unhuman Inspector Hobbes takes a long-overdue camping holiday, with Andy, his accident-prone friend, and Dregs, the delinquent dog. In the bleak and dangerous Blacker Mountains, Andy stumbles across something shocking, before falling for an attractive widow.

Inspector Hobbes and the Curse

Andy Caplet becomes infatuated with a dangerously beautiful woman during Inspector Hobbes's investigations into sheep deaths and the mysterious disappearance of pheasants, which are apparently connected to a rash of big cat sightings; and something horrible seems to be lurking in the woods.

Inspector Hobbes and the Blood

Inspector Hobbes and the Blood, a fast-paced comedy crime fantasy, set in the English Cotswolds, recounts the adventures of a monstrous police detective, during grave, ghoulish, goings-on. A mad pseudo vampire with the dagger of Vlad Tepes is behind robbery, and murder. It is a funny tale with a troll, human sacrifice, blood and great cooking.

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