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Welcome to ALLi

You’re now part of an exciting, dynamic and supportive community of authors and services who all believe in ethics and excellence in Self-Publishing.

The following three steps, will help you get set up and to make the most of your membership:


Fill in Your Profile

Do take time to fill out your member profile, including your books and any services you offer, and remember to keep it updated. This enters your details in our searchable database, which is regularly trawled by media, literary events organisers and others in search of good indie authors (keep the public box ticked if you want to be found!).


Begin by browsing

You are on a journey of learning by doing. Some of what is here may be familiar to you but you will find much that is new, especially if it’s your first time to publish your own work.

You will feel uncomfortable at times – but that’s just creative anxiety, something that’s always there when we stretch ourselves. The first time out, it’s a steep learning curve; after that, everything gets easier. Stay with it. Creativity is always a process and learning to publish your own work well does take time but is immensely rewarding.

And your fellow and sister members are a wonderful resource – an exceptionally generous and knowledgeable group of authors, who understand the value of working together for each other.


Select, and Connect

Our most successful members have mastered two essential creative skills: they select and they connect.

Select: You can’t do everything at once. Choose whichever of our offerings is most useful to you at the particular point you’re at – then become proficient at one thing before introducing another.

Connect: Whatever stage you’re at, there’s another member there too, and others who have gone before you. Do join in our forums, promotions and reach outs. Tune into our advisor and ambassador network. Ask for the help you need.