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Affiliate Instructions

Our affiliate program rewards you for spreading the word about ALLi, a  “Thank You” to you for taking the time and trouble to recommend us to other authors or aspiring authors.

If anyone joins ALLi through your recommendation, we pay you 30% of their first year’s subscription.




  • GET YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS & BADGES Go to the Affiliate links page
  • CHOOSE BADGE AND BANNERS: Select a banner or badge from the drop-down menu. As you select, you’ll see different options and sizes pop up, so you can see what they will look like on your website and pick your preference. Most members like to display a membership badge on their website but you are not limited to just that; use as many of these banners as you wish. Paste the code that pops up on your website, on social media or anywhere else that works for you. Some instruction on how for you or your website developer.
  • COPY LINK: As well as the badges and banners for your website, take particular note of the ‘Direct Link’ (in yellow). It’s the one delivers the best results, when sent to an author you think should know about ALLi (see below). You can use this link in emails, on social media, or whenever you recommend ALLi. The more you use it, the more you’ll earn.
  • EMAIL YOUR AUTHOR FRIENDS: The affiliates who make most money each month are those who make regular recommendations by email. A personal email to someone you know, genuinely explaining the benefits you’re enjoying, has more impact than a blogs or tweet. Here is a sample email letter you can modify.
  • NO SPAMMING PLEASE: Please don’t annoy or spam anyone in an effort to get them to join ALLi. If you are including the affiliate link in any communications (like an email), keep it personal and relevant, without hype. Our value is evident to those who are a good fit; it doesn’t need to be exaggerated. Just truthfully tell your writer friends and contacts what you’ve enjoyed and how membership has been of benefit to you.
  • COLLECT EARNINGS MONTHLY: Visit the Earnings page to see a record of your payments and what’s currently owed. Payout is via PayPal, direct to your PayPal account, each month.

Contact if your payment hasn’t arrived or you hit any problems