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Rights & Contract Advice

How Authors Sell Publishing Rights Alliance of Independent Authors

The mental divide between self-publishing and trade-publishing doesn’t serve indie authors very well. Once you’ve learned how to write and make good ebooks in English, selling publishing rights to trade publishers or broadcasting companies at home or abroad is a way to extend your readership and add to your bottom line as a publisher.

See your free copy of ALLi’s Guidebook How Authors Sell Publishing Rights by Orna Ross and Helen Sedwick.

The good news for us, as indie authors, is that rights issues are greatly simplified. We own our rights and we can decide what we want to do with them. We are not bound by a publisher’s overall policy, loyalties to other titles and contract terms.

Translations rights, print rights, TV & film rights are the most significant. Some top-line guidance HERE.

One-To-One Contract Advice

Publishing contracts are notoriously specialist and complicated. It is often what is missing as much as what is in the contract that causes problems for authors. Do not hire a lawyer to negotiate a publishing contract, unless they have significant publishing experience.

ALLI provides a contract vetting service at three levels:

1) General advice and guidelines. Contract analysis and advice is offered, free of charge, to members by Orna Ross and Helen Sedwick, co-authors of ALLi’s book How To Sell Publishing Rights.

2) Pro-Indie Literary Agent Representation. ALLi works with TMA Literary Agency, a pro-indie agency, to represent suitable books by our professional members, on a non-exclusive basis (i.e. happy to work alongside other agents). More information here.

3) Contract Negotiation on Your Behalf. Toby Mundy, of TMA and ALLi Advisor, David A Vandariff (Passive Guy), offer a more in-depth contract analysis / negotiation help, for a flat fee, if you do not want representation. Their expertise will generally add a lot more value to your terms and conditions. Contact Anna at, for more information.