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Reaching Readers

Once you’ve successfully produced your book, you want the best advice about how to reach readers, so you can sell as many copies as possible.

Book promotion is very personal; what is a sensible strategy to one person can feel like aggressive salesmanship to another. You need to find your own way, the route that suits you and your readers.

This takes time and thought but we can help in a number of ways, from advice on what to do (and what not to do) to opportunities to reach new readers:

1. Our Resources Page points you towards the most trusted and up-to-date platforms and services. If it hasn’t been tried, tested and proven, it won’t feature here.

2. Our ALLi Insights Seminars and Ask ALLi Q&A events on YouTube, SouncCloud, iTunes almost always contain advice on reaching readers.

3. Our Goodreads Group hosts a monthly chat, where you can give away your books and cross-promote to each other’s readers.

4. A number of our Advisors and Ambassadors offer a wealth of resources, ideas and information on selling books, from different approaches.

Mark Coker (Distribution)
Joanna Penn (Business Matters)
Jim Kukral (Marketing Tools)
Debbie Young (Opening Up Industry Opportunities)

5. Our closed Facebook Forum allows you to ask for advice and get a good steer from other authors who have a similar outlook and attitude

6. Selling Rights: Our links with IPR Licence and Pubmatch enable you to offer your publishing rights to buyers at low cost and our literary agent considers work from professional members for representation.

7. Our Self-Publishing Advice Centre has a “Reaching Readers” Category, with posts updated at least once weekly.

8. Our weekly Members’ Showcase (on Wednesdays) tells the world about your books and is viewed by platforms like Nook, Apple and Amazon to see what our members are doing.