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Self-Publishing 3.0

ALLi runs an ongoing campaign to raise the average income for authors and poets through creative business practice.

The campaign also lobbies the literary and creative industries to provide more publishing and business skills education and advocates for a truly independent self-publishing sector.

What we at ALLi are doing

Self-Publishing 1.0 began in the 1990s with desktop publishing and print-on-demand technology.

Self-Publishing 2.0 kicked off with the Kindle in 2008, and quickly saw the rise of digital publishing, reading and listening to e-books and audiobooks, together with online bookstores and book distribution.

Self-publishing 3.0 sees authors emerging with independent publishing businesses, owning and trading in their own intellectual property on a non-exclusive basis.

This era is powered by four drivers for authors: direct sales, wide publishing, selective rights licensing, and author collaboration. True independence for authors is both creative and commercial and very possible today. Being an “indie” author means owning a successful writing and publishing business that is not dependent on any single outlet–be that exclusively signing all rights to one trade publisher, or exclusively self-publishing with one platform or service. Instead, authors rely on independent enterprise, empowered negotiation, informed decisions, and author collaboration. This puts the author's own transactional website at the heart of a safe, sustainable, and scalable global digital business that self-publishes wide and selectively licenses rights.


Knowledge Base:  We have a vast knowledge base of high quality guide books, blog posts, podcast episodes and videos on every topic related to self-publishing. Most of it is free to any author, not just our members. We want to ensure that authors are well-informed on all aspects of their writing business, including future opportunities that may be developing. We're also working hard to ensure that our knowledge base is accessible to all, that no physical, mental or financial barrier can get in the way of an author's route to success.


Gathering, Analysing and Sharing Industry Data: For many reasons, it can be very difficult to pinpoint exactly how large the self-publishing industry is, how fast it is growing and what factors can contribute to a self-published author's success. Until recently, we have had to rely on anecdotal evidence, which is not good enough. ALLi is now working with other self-publishing focused organizations to gather and share industry data that can help inform industry development. More information coming soon: we'll be asking as many authors as possible to help us show what's really happening in self-publishing.


Intellectual Property Rights: The old ‘choice' between either self-publishing or being traditionally published is beginning to blur. Going forward, the focus for an author lies in understanding that they own intellectual property rights to creative works, and they can choose how to make the most of them. ALLi offers clear information on managing your rights so that you can make the best possible choices for your creative works.


Campaigning for Relevant Support: We want arts funding bodies to consider how they support authors. Funding to support the development of publishing skills is an important area to focus on, so that more authors can develop their own financially viable businesses.


The Future looks like a Creator Economy: We are shifting towards an era when consumers (including readers) want to connect more meaningfully with creators (including writers) and at ALLi we are showing authors how to tap into this. From crowdfunding to selling direct from their own websites, there are so many great opportunities already available and ALLi is there to show the way.

How you as an author can work towards greater financial success:

Access our amazing Knowledge Base

We bring you honest, high quality knowledge on all possible aspects of self-publishing.

Books: Members can download in the Member Zone, non-members can purchase in our shop.

Podcast with 500+ episodes: Listen to them here

Blog with 3000+ posts: Read them here

YouTube channel with 600+ videos: View them here

Self-Publishing 3.0: a guide to exciting times for authors

In this era of author enterprise, writers are moving beyond exclusively signing all rights to a single 3rd-party publisher, or exclusively self-publishing with one platform or service, into true creative and commercial independence. This short book outlines both the concept and campaign and aims to explain to self-publishing authors why Self-Publishing 3.0 is important, the tools and techniques driving this trend, and how to take part in this movement that is enabling authors in more number than ever before to earn a living from writing and publishing books.

Author members: available in the Member Zone

Non-members: available to purchase in our bookshop.

The Creator Economy: looking ahead

These days, the creative industries, including publishing, are all abuzz about “the creator economy”. But what does it mean for indie authors? How much is hype and how much is true opportunity? How do we integrate alternative sources of income with writing and publishing books? In short: how do indie authors give ourselves the best chance of success in the creator economy?

Understanding your Rights

The rights world is a complex mix of formats, platforms, apps, territories and terms. This book shows you how to approach rights buyers, what they’re looking for, and what to expect when discussing the license or ‘sale of rights’ for your book. You’ll learn how to pitch, negotiate and close a deal, and how to work with literary agents and global publishing companies.

Author members: available in the Member Zone

Non-members: available to purchase in our bookshop.

The Author Estate Handbook: making money 70 years after your death!

Your books will still be in copyright (and therefore can be making money) for up to 70 years after your death. This means you could be leaving behind a very valuable estate… but who will be looking after it and/or benefitting from it? There are plenty of horror stories of authors who failed to specify what would happen to their literary estate and left their loved ones squabbling. Use this great book to plan your estate properly and make sure that doesn't happen to you.

Author members: available in the Member Zone

Non-members: available to purchase in our bookshop.

The Author Heir Handbook: looking after a legacy

While you're putting in the work to leave a well-managed literary estate (see above), give your heirs a chance to understand what will be required of them. First step: set up an easy-to-access copy of this great book.

Author members: available in the Member Zone.

Non members: available for purchase in our bookshop.

Use our badge to show you sell books direct to readers

Selling direct is becoming more popular as readers get used to buying direct from creators. Encourage them to buy from your own author website by using our ‘buy direct' badge. Select a size below and copy the code to embed in your site.

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<a href=""><img src="" alt="Self-Publishing 3.0 Extra Wide" target="_blank"/></a>

Coming soon: Use and share our guide on how to publish for free.

Not everyone has the money upfront to invest in things ALLi usually recommends, such as working with an editor and having a professional designer create your book cover. Our brief guide shows you how to self-publish and begin marketing for free, but also offers advice on where to spend money as soon as you have some to spare, to develop your writing craft and publishing craft, both necessary to profitable publishing. Please share this guide everywhere it might be useful.

Coming soon

Organization Partner Badge

Tell other Writing Organizations about ALLi

Do share information about our Organization Membership with other writing organizations (perhaps where you have membership) who may wish to collaborate with us, benefitting from our expertise in self-publishing for their own members, while they focus on, e.g., genre or location. In this way more authors can make well-informed choices about their publishing options.

Stay safe

No author should feel that they cannot write or publish due to safety concerns. Sadly, some authors do feel unsafe and we want to help. Please download, read and implement our brief guide to author safety. Do share this information to your author contacts.

Here's a brief info sheet, guide coming soon.

Join our Campaigners mailing list

Add your name and email to our Campaigners mailing list. From time to time we will ask you if you can help us open up new doors for indie authors, perhaps by sending an email to ask an organization to open up and include indies (we'll give you a template to follow!) or identifying areas you'd like us to target next. We won't ask for anything onerous, but there is power in numbers!

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