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Open Up To Indie Authors Petition

Self-publishing Authors Petition Calling On The Book Industry to Open Up To Independent  Authors

Being published is not somebody else saying “You are good enough. Your book is good enough.”

Publishing is seven processes that we must get right: editorial, design, production, distribution, marketing, promotion, rights licensing. If those processes are well done, your book is well published.

Independent self-publishing authors are producing work of proven quality and value to readers. Everyone in the publishing ecosystem now needs to recognize and acknowledge that, not through lip-service but in all their programs and projects.

In particular, literary organizations, events managers, bookstores, libraries and review outlets must now find ways to include book or author based on quality and relevance, not pathway to publication.

ALLi is raising signatures for a self-publishing authors’ petition which (once we reach 10,000 signatures) we will present to various Publishing Industry Influencers,  Bookstores, Libraries and Library Associations, Literary Events Managers, Reviewers, Book Prize Committees, Writing, Publishing and Agents Associations and Others with whom we regularly advocate for independent authors.

We started this petition on, where we gathered almost 2000 signatures, but found they were more suited for a single-issue campaign to one body. Now we are now reviving the campaign and, in true indie fashion, collecting signatures here on the ALLi website.

Once we have 10,000 signatures, we will use this clear evidence of demand to increase our pressure and advocacy with influencers within the writing, publishing, bookselling and cultural funding bodies. For more on the Open Up to Indie Authors campaign, including a campaign guidebook, go here.

We need your help to get as many indie authors as possible behind this petition. Please sign below and spread the word by guiding your author friends to this page.

To [Decision Maker]

I and the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) urge you to find ways to include self-publishing writers in your programs as a matter of priority.

As you know, more and more writers are turning to self-publishing and many such authors are producing work of proven value to readers.

While recognizing that there are challenges in incorporating such writers, it has become a necessity, if book stores, libraries, literary events and reviewers are to be inclusive, and fully serve readers and writers.

Please feel free to contact the Alliance of Independent Authors for more information and support, including a campaign guidebook Opening Up To Indie Authors: A Guide for Bookstores, Libraries, Reviewers, Literary Event Organisers and Self-Publishing Writers which has lots of practical advice on how to work together to mutual benefit.

I urge you to give this matter the attention it deserves. 

With thanks,