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ALLi Literary Agent

Publisher Toby Mundy

ALLi works with Toby Mundy, of TMA, a London-based agency associated with Ed Victor Ltd (EVL), to help our members sell subsidiary rights, including translation rights and film and TV rights.

Book Fair Catalogue

TMA, in association with EVL, circulates a small and dedicated Rights’ Catalogue of qualifying books by ALLi members to international rights buyers, and pitches them at the Frankfurt and London Book Fairs.

The catalogue is distributed twice a year to publishers, to literary scouts, and to interested film and TV people, all over the world, as a supplement to TMA’s work for ALLi authors.

“The indie-author space is different to the traditional author space and needs different handling,” says Toby Mundy of TMA, the agency that, working closely with the authors, fields and handles the rights enquiries. “There is huge interest in what is happening in the indie-author space among traditional publishers desperate for the kinds of ‘proof of concept’ self-publishing can provide.”

The ALLi Members’ Rights Guide is circulated to key contacts in advance of the London Book Fair (circulation: January) and the Frankfurt Book Fair (circulation: July).

See also ALLi ’s latest guidebook in their “How To For Authors” series: How Authors Sell Publishing Rights.

Available for Preorder
Available for Preorder
Penned by ALLi Director, Orna Ross, and Helen Sedwick, ALLi’s legal advisor, the book aims to help authors navigate today’s complex rights marketplace.

“Once a self-published author has figured out how to globally sell books in English, thoughts inevitably turn to licensing rights,” says Orna Ross. “We want to bring our members’ great books to the attention of as many rights buyers as possible and are delighted to be working with TMA, in addition to Partner Member IPR License, to achieve this aim.”


Does an ALLi member get these sub-rights services free?

Yes, all of ALLi’s services are always free to members.

Does the agent have access to everything a members has published, or do they approach him with books they’d like him to work on?

It’s down to the authors, who can give/limit whatever they want (they’re indies, they’re in charge). The books that have the best chance of success are those most recently written, and with the largest sales.

Is the service available to all ALLi members?

Just to our Professional Members for now. We hope to roll it out more widely in time.

Can an ALLi member use another agent if he or she prefers?

Of course, many of our members are agented already. This service is for those who are not, or those who would like to work with more than one agent to further their reach, or those who are seeking a more pro-indie agent. Toby is very flexible and is committed to the principle of non-exclusivity so dear to indies (one of the reasons ALLi is pleased to work with him).

Where can I submit?

The submission page in the member zone.