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Self-Publishing 3.0

Self-publishing 3.0 is both a concept and a campaign. The concept is that digital technology now gives any author (who has acquired the necessary skills) the means to build a sustainable and scalable author business. The campaign fosters author empowerment through self-publishing, direct sales to readers and selective, non-exclusive rights licensing.

Self-pub 3.0 campaign has two main aims:


Fostering author education around the realities of successful self-publishing and the development of three skill sets: writing, digital publishing, and author business.


Lobbying various government bodies, creative industry leaders, and other influencers in the publishing and bookselling industries, aiming to facilitate skills training and a better understanding of the environment within which authors write, publish and promote their books today.

Self-Pub 3.0 campaign encourages authors:

  • Towards an empowered and independent mindset.
  • To own their own e-commerce websites to sell their self-published books directly to readers, while also using online retailers, other publishers, and publishing services to distribute as widely as possible, in as many formats as possible.
  • Towards the understanding that they are in business and that they can learn from other authors how to write well, publish well, and run a good author business.
  • To see trade publishers as an author service and selectively licence their publishing rights, expecting a partnership of equals that is reflected in any publishing contract signed.
  • To be cogniscent of the value of their intellectual property and creative assets.
  • To ensure they have a diversity of income streams and outlets and don’t put all their publishing eggs in any one basket
  • To relish the freedom and control inherent in being an indie author.

The History of Self-Publishing 3.0

Self-Publishing 1.0 began in the 1990s with desktop publishing and print-on-demand technology. Self-Publishing 2.0 kicked off with the Kindle in 2008, and quickly saw the rise of e-books, e-readers and online bookstores.

Self-publishing 3.0 sees authors emerging with  independent publishing businesses, owning and trading in their own intellectual property on a non-exclusive basis, through publishing wide, direct sales, and selective rights licensing.

Author Independence

Independence for the “indie” author is owning a successful writing and publishing business that is not dependent on any single outlet, be that a trade publisher licensing all rights or a self-publishing service requiring exclusivity.

The author’s transactional website is at the heart of a safe, sustainable and scalable global digital business.  Self-publishing 3.0 incorporates publishing wide, through as many platforms and territories as possible, as well as selling books directly to readers, and selectively licensing publishing rights.

Learn more about Self-Publishing 3.0

Self-Publishing 3.0 Campaign Guidebook

Members: Download a printable edition in the Member Zone

Non-members: Purchase a copy from our Self-Publishing Advice Centre Shop.

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