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Upgrading/Renewing Your Membership

If you are an Associate Member who has published a book during the course of your membership, or an Author Member whose sales increase to the level of more than 50,000 books (or equivalent KU reads), you are eligible for a membership upgrade.

To upgrade your membership, email Philip ( and let him know about your change in circumstances.

You will be refunded for any months outstanding at your existing membership level.

The most convenient way to renew is to set up an annual automatic renewal in Paypal (default on joining). If you choose to opt out of auto-renewal, you need to manually rejoin each year.

Changing your settings to or from auto is done in your Paypal account.

If you have any questions about renewing, cancelling or upgrading your membership, contact Philip ( who will tell you how to proceed.

Thank you so much for your continued membership.