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ALLi Affiliate Program

The ALLi Affiliate program rewards members for spreading the word by paying 30% of first-year membership fees back. It’s our way of saying thank you for taking the time and trouble to recommend us to other authors or aspiring authors. And your author friends will thank you too!

How does the ALLi Affiliate program work?

There are a number of ways to make use of the program to potentially earn back 30% of any new joiner’s membership fee.

  • You can use your affiliate link in an email to an author friend, encouraging them to join.
  • You can include it in a blog post or social media update whenever you write about ALLi.
  • You can download an affiliate badge for your website or social sites. 

Anyone who clicks on those links or badges and then subsequently joins ALLi will be credited to you. Many of our members find they earn their membership fee back soon after joining.

How do I get my discount?

Just visit our links and badges page

Here is a sample email template you can modify, but please don’t annoy or spam anyone in order to get them to join ALLi.

Here is a sample email template you can modify, but please don’t annoy or spam anyone in order to get them to join ALLi.

Affiliate email template

You can adapt this email template to recommend ALLi to any author you think would benefit from membership. Be careful to include your personal direct link – this is available on the Affiliate link and badges page. You will receive 30% of their first year’s membership fees if they join after clicking.

Dear [your friend’s name]

I’m writing to let you know about The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), a great writers’ organization I’m part of that I thought you might like to join too.

I’ve found it to be the best association for writers who self-publish, or are interested in self-publishing because [insert what you see as the best things about ALLi].

There are lots of other great benefits too – you can find more on the Alliance’s website [insert your affiliate link here]

[Optional disclosure: if you do join using the link above, ALLi will refund me 30% of your first year’s fees. And as a member, you’ll then be able to recommend the alliance to your friends and get the same benefit].

I look forward to seeing you in an ALLi member forum soon!


[Your name]

ALLi Affiliate program: collect earnings monthly

Visit the earnings page to see a record of your payments and what’s currently owed to you under the Alliance of Independent Authors affiliate program. Payout goes directly to your PayPal account each month.

Contact us if you encounter any problems.

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