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What our members say

We put a call out on our blog asking our members three simple questions:

Why did you join ALLi?

What are the top benefits you get from being a member?

What we could be doing better?

To read the most recent, unedited responses, go here.

David Rory O’Neill

"We need to set high standards and rise above the pool of flotsam that floods the market.
ALLi seemed to me to represent that ethos and is working to break the boundaries that limit us and educate the industry about what indie publishing can achieve when the highest standards are applied."

Keith Dixon

"It’s a great opportunity to meet authors who, like me, have struggled to find a voice and then get it heard. Although I’ve been toiling away as a writer and then a self-publisher for many years, it’s fantastic to find folk who are even more experienced, wise and helpful and give their time to creating this wonderful gang of bandits."

Glynis Smy

"My writing career has taken off at great speed this year, and having the support of so many lovely folk is overwhelming. Knowing I have that support is reassuring, and the professional information I receive has helped me move forward with courage."

Samantha Warren

"I joined ALLi for the benefits it offers and to make more contacts among fellow author entrepreneurs. What I didn’t expect was that on top of learning a ton and meeting some amazing people, it would also help me realize that part of what I want to do is share my experiences with others and help others on their own path to self-publishing."

Henry Hyde

"ALLi provides a friendly and nurturing support system and forum for authors who have taken the decision to take control of their own destiny. They encourage and promote the adoption of professional standards in self-publishing - crucial if we expect to be taken seriously as contenders in the global publishing arena. Finally, there's very practical support when it matters, on technical, marketing or legal matters — a sort of union or guild for the one of the most diverse and disparate groups of self-employed people on earth. The fact that ALLi exists is quite an achievement in itself."

Lambert Nagle

"ALLI came along at just the right time – for making me feel like I belong to a peer group of like minded people, many of whom have been traditionally published, but who choose to indie publish. There’s so much goodwill here and a willingness to share knowledge. I particularly like the Facebook page."

Joe Cawley

"ALLi gives me access to valuable information from industry experts and fellow indie-pubbers who have developed unique insights into this rapidly rising indie revolution."

Dianne Greenlay

"ALLi provides advice with regards to publishing, marketing, and social media management, and it a great source for links regarding information on all aspects of writing, and the changing face of publishing. There is a comradeship found here that inspires confidence and determination to keep on writing. Getting an Alliance membership was the best thing that I could have done to help my writing career."

Mary Maddox

"ALLi offers so much information and expertise on publishing. I wasn’t expecting the excellent discussions and links in the Facebook group, or the chance to connect with writers from all over the world. It’s a quality group."

Jeff Shear

"The chief benefit to me as an ALLi member is timeliness. It keeps me abreast of developments in publishing. I plan take more and more advantage of ALLi’s programs — the online events, the promotion, the connections, the resources. There’s a great deal here, and most of all, there’s a responsive, proactive, ethical organization with a committed membership."

Isabel Burt

"I have found the advice useful, the members approachable and very helpful, and the resources invaluable. It takes many, many hours of hard research to begin to establish a useful structure of advice and help, online. Joining this group sooner than I did will immediately give you a sane, informative reference point from which to begin your adventure!"

Fran Pickering

"I love being able to ask questions in the Facebook group and seeing the replies to questions other people ask. Plus the sense of belonging to a like-minded community that campaigns to improve the status of Indie authors."

Joanna Penn

"The Alliance is about standing together in a space that can be divisive and critical. It’s about celebrating and supporting each other in the indie author’s journey, which is so brand new, it still changes every day."

Kathryn Guare

"ALLi truly is and feels like a professional society for writers, with an emphasis on the “professional”. Topics are discussed with maturity and thoughtfulness and often with a great deal of expertise. The people who make it work put enormous effort into advocacy and contributing fresh thoughts for the industry. To me, it feels more than any other like the association of record for self-publishing."

Clare Flynn

"The ALLi community has turned out to be a warm and wonderful bunch of people who are a fantastic source of knowledge, camaraderie and advice. The materials such as the self-publishing guide are packed with useful information. I have also enjoyed the London meetups – and at the ACX one last month I walked into the room and already felt I knew people – recognising them from the Facebook page."

James Fontana

"I think ALLi is the best the thing that’s ever happened to self-publishers. It has shaken self-publishing free of the insulting ‘vanity’ label that prevailed for so long and makes self-publishers true contenders."

Gabrielle Bergan

"I have lots to learn, now, but I’m a very willing learner, and very happy to have found this group. I look forward to participating."

Christina Yeager

"I immensely enjoy being a Partner Member in ALLi. It is a forward-thinking and fast-moving organization that supports its members in forging ahead in new territory. I get to rub shoulders virtually with heaps of creative people and I have the opportunity to be part of discussions that enable me to understand authors’ issues, and then I can devise ways to tailor the editorial services I offer to best help writers achieve their goals and be successful…all the while introducing new insights and important information to the world!"

Liza Perrat

"For me, the Facebook group discussions have been the most interesting, and I’ve gained lots of helpful advice and information. The atmosphere is very friendly and easy-going, everybody keen to help others."

Maria Constantine

"I value the wealth of information available through ALLi, but most of all I enjoy being part of this generous community of writers where we encourage, support and share experiences. I find it exciting being part of ALLi because they are at the forefront of changes within the publishing industry – and they are embracing the changes."

Debra Eve

"I’m right at the beginning of my indy journey. I’m extremely grateful for ALLI’s resource recommendations and for the generous sharing of knowledge by more experienced members. ALLI’s a wonderful consortium of authenticity in a fast-changing field."

Tom Rogers

A) Shameless self-promotion.
B) Get to hang out with people who spell “organization” with an “s.”
C) The drinking games.
D) For every other incredibly helpful virtue enumerated by everyone else!

Mary Gottschalk

"I think that professionalism is critical. I like the idea of being associated with a group that has strong professional credentials."

Philippa Rees

"What I have noticed is the absence of the self interest and the spirit of real mutual generosity, which is so in contrast to the world of commerce it continues to amaze and revitalise. Writing is both so lonely and so individual that a diverse group ameliorates any fear. That I think is ALLi's greatest virtue."

Dixiane Hallaj

"I enjoy reading the blogs, and I constantly learn new things that improve my understanding of what it means to be an indie author–and how to be a better author. Whenever I get frustrated while trying to get my books noticed, it helps to know that ALLi is there. It makes me feel very proud to be a member of an organization that is holding independent authors to a higher standard."

Seeley James

"ALLi is a tremendous resource. If you have a question, you can get answers from the group in seconds. You get answers reflecting many different experiences and viewpoints. I’ve had only a few critical questions and found honest answers and help right away."

M. Louisa Locke

"I believe that one of the best things about Alli is the emphasis on the idea that what makes an Indie author is someone who is in control of their career, whether they follow traditional, DIY, or hybrid routes to publication or not."

Carol Cooper

"ALLI has quite literally changed my writing life. Joining has brought me a huge bank of resources on self-publishing and all that goes with it, like promoting my work. It has brought the support of other writers who’ve been there before, and who are amazingly willing to share their experience and skills. And it has brought me new friends!"

Natalie Buske Thomas

"ALLi has attracted like-minded people with the shared goal of finding innovative (and effective) ways to market books. Game-play and posturing has no place here. ALLi is business, heart, and even quirk. ALLi is the only paid membership I belong to; it’s all I need in one place."

C.S. Lakin

"I joined the moment I saw the group involved in this alliance. The professionalism and experience of the members is a huge blessing and benefit. I look forward to learning so much from everyone in this group. Thanks for starting this and putting so much out for authors!"

Jessica Bell

"The community is fantastic. Caring, helpful, encouraging. Although I haven’t needed it yet, it’s nice to know that I have someone to turn to for advice if I want to seek an agent for translation rights, or attend a writing event abroad."

Rohan Quine

"Publishing has come to constitute many different platforms (all of them moving) and more options than ever before, and every writer's output and resources and strengths continue to be as different as they ever were. In that context, there is no omniscient guide to be found who will know exactly how a particular project should best be progressed; but my sense is that ALLi comes the closest to being such a guide."

Richard Bunning

“The Alliance makes me feel like an important part in a flood of success rather than a rain drop hoping to be noticed.”

Linda Gillard

"I’ve learned so much from other authors & the sense of solidarity has given me more confidence. I’ve also had the opportunity to share my own experience and tips. There’s a lot of give & take, so if you’re new to indy publishing, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. The Alliance is a friendly and supportive group and whatever you need to know, someone in the group will be able to advise."

Christine Nolfi

"I joined to connect with other independent career novelists. The private Facebook group is an excellent forum with great information shared daily."

Julie Day

"The help and support from the FB group alone is worth being a member."

Hannah Parry

"I am here for support and advice."


“I love that ALLi gives me the opportunity to connect with writers from around the world. It is also wonderful to have easy access to advice and expertise from the powerhouses in indie publishing.”


“I belong to several groups that serve the indie-publishing community and this one is by far the best. It’s a great mix of people just starting on their publishing journey and those that are more experienced in self-publishing and traditional publishing. In the private Facebook group people are respectful and helpful and I really appreciate that.”


“ALLi is populated mostly by people who either know what they’re doing, or are genuinely serious about learning. I find it both a refreshing haven and an invaluable source of professional advice, thought-provoking insights and creative inspiration. As a Partner member, I should also add that it’s helped enormously in establishing my new venture, Readers in the Know, where many of our most successful authors first discovered us here.”


“I joined because I wanted to learn all I can from a group that has been there. I’m publishing my first novel and I am sure that this community will be very beneficial to me. Meeting Orna recently made ALLi real for me and it made me realize just what a valuable resource ALLi is for its members.”


“The Alliance represents sharing. Sharing of experiences. Of victories and successes. Of failures. Of news good and bad. Sharing of knowledge and advice. Suggestions and strategies. To me, the Alliance represents sharing in all its many forms and faces. It’s a good place to be.”


“I joined ALLi for professional support and advice but one of the best benefits is meeting a group of supportive, like minded people. It’s a fantastic organisation and gives lots of value and opportunities to members.”


“I joined the Alliance for the support and companionship of fellow writers who are self-publishing. One of the most important benefits for me is the information resource I have available. If I have a question about self-publishing I can post it and there’s likely someone (or many of you!) who will have useful advice and information for me.”


“It’s obvious that the members are professional in their approach to publishing and dedicated to their craft. Collegiality, support, information-sharing and good humour live here and I’m proud to be a member!”


Having been an established children’s author throughout the 90s and into the 2000s, many of my highly regarded books went out of print. To fight back, I’m in the process of re-publishing these books as ebooks, and the publicity aspect isn’t easy. ALLi is a place where I can find the information to help me – regardless of my questions.


“I was most impressed at the credentials which ALLi’s advisors bring to the table, how well-organized and focused the group seems to be, and some of the people who participate. It’s still up to the individual author to create a quality product and deal with the deadly marketing, but ALLi offers great tools and input. I find its links to documented data and info one of its most useful things. Another is helpful comments from writers who are succeeding in the competitive indie world and are willing to help others.”


“The founders are active and effective hosts, and the community members exhibit a great mix of helpfulness, encouragement, and analysis. My go-to place for indie author questions. If the group doesn’t have an answer, or at least suggestions, they’ll find out and come back and tell everyone else.”

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