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AskALLi: Self-Publishing Advice You Can Trust

AskALLi is an ongoing umbrella campaign whereby the Alliance of Independent Authors  commits to answering any question anyone might have about self-publishing.

We provide all the information our members need to become excellent self-publishers.

AskALLi also provides a number of reach-out education and research programs through our Self-publishing Advice Center

Our focus is proven best practice for developing a long-term, sustainable creative practice and author business.

The #AskALLi campaign has three guiding principles that underlie all our education programs:

  1. Go creative and go digital: Print is only one format. The opportunities afforded by digital self-publishing in ebook, audiobook and print-on-demand are many and varied. We encourage our members to make creative writing and publishing choices and use digital tools to find and serve their readers.
  2. Learn publishing and business skills: Like writing, publishing and business are learned skills. We encourage our members to adopt creative business principles and publishing practices that foster true author independence.
  3. Publish widely: Unlike an author who exclusively licenses their rights to one trade publisher, or one self-publishing outlet, an independent author values non-exclusivity. We encourage our members to publish widely in a variety of formats, and to selectively license rights.

AskALLi campaign offers:

Ask ALLi Campaign

Ask ALLi: Your Self-Publishing Questions Answered

Your Self-Publishing Questions Answered is based on overwhelming data & analytics: 1,000+ questions from our author members, 2000+ ALLi blog articles, 400 ALLi podcast episodes, our 24/365 SelfPubConnect community where members ask questions daily, and input from our world-class advisors from every corner of the publishing industry.

Members: Download your free copy in the Member Zone

Non-members: Can purchase a copy from our Self-Publishing Advice Centre bookshop

ALLi’s Copyright Bill of Rights

Copyright law, policy, and practice underwrites the publication and sale of books, globally. Independent authors, who are both writers and publishers and actively manage their own publishing rights, need to understand the significance of owning copyright and how to assert their rights in the digital age.

Members: Download your free copy in the Member Zone

Non-members: Can purchase a copy from our Self-Publishing Advice Centre bookshop.

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