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AskALLi Self-Publishing Advice Podcast

With diverse segments catering to different needs, the Self-Publishing Advice and Inspirations Podcast, from the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), broadcasts three times weekly: advice on Wednesdays, news on Fridays and inspirations on Sundays.

Serving as a comprehensive guide and companion to authors who are navigating the dynamic world of self-publishing, it features the ALLi team covering a range of topics and themes, from creating better books to reaching more readers, alongside inspiring indie author interviews.

A top podcast for writers, across all platforms, it emphasises diversity and accessibility and is downloaded in 63 countries across the world, and counting: 67% North America,13% UK, 5% Australia, 15% Rest of the World. With over half-a-million downloads so far, it is in the top 5% of all podcasts globally, and growing.

Some episodes also broadcast in video livestream to 60,000+ indie author subscribers, on ALLi’s Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts.

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Equip yourself with the necessary tools, tips, and guidance to excel as an author-publisher

Monthly: Member Q&A Podcast

with Michael La Ronn and Sacha Black


1st Wednesdays, 1pm GMT.

Get answers to your most pressing self-publishing questions, find out how ALLi can help you, and engage in our new interactive format, which includes a quarterly Saturday livestream.

Monthly: Publishing for Profit Podcast

with Orna Ross, Joanna Penn, Anna Featherstone & Joe Solari


2nd Wednesdays, 1pm GMT.

Transform your passion into profit. Understand the balance between artistry and entrepreneurship, and how ALLi can guide you in this quest.

The Creating Better Books podcast is proudly sponsored by Gatekeeper Press

Monthly: Creating Better Books Podcast

with Howard Lovy & Partner Members


3rd Wednesdays, 1pm GMT.

Delve into the intricacies of book production, from manuscript preparation to distribution strategies and creating compelling ancillary content.

The Creating Better Books podcast is sponsored by Gatekeeper Press, the all-inclusive Gold Standard in Publishing offering authors 100% rights, royalties, satisfaction and worldwide distribution. Gatekeeper Press, Where Authors are Family.

Monthly: Reaching More Readers Podcast

with Holly Greenland & Dale Roberts


4th Wednesdays, 1pm GMT.

Discover effective book marketing techniques, learn how to attract readers, and leverage the power of literary influencers.


Stay informed with the latest happenings in the world of self-publishing

The Self-Publishing News podcast is proudly sponsored by Miblart

Weekly: Self-Publishing News Podcast

with Dan Holloway


Every Friday, 1pm GMT

A breakdown of the week's most significant self-publishing news, providing insights, implications, and in-depth analyses.

The Self-Publishing News podcast is sponsored by Miblart. A book cover design company that helps indie authors get a book cover that both fits the market and attracts the right target audience. They offer unlimited revisions, take no deposit to start work and you pay only when you love the final result! Get a book cover that will become your number 1 marketing tool!


The artistry, resilience, and creative spirit of indie authors

Bi-Monthly: Inspirational Indie Authors Interview Podcast

with Howard Lovy


1st & 3rd Sundays, 1 pm GMT.

Dive deep into personal stories of indie authors, understanding their pathways to success, challenges faced, and lessons learned.

Monthly: ALLi Campaigns Podcast

with Orna Ross and Matty Dalrymple


2nd Sundays, 1 pm GMT.

Get updated on the latest campaigns by ALLi on your behalf — their impact, importance, and ways to get involved.

Monthly: Creative Self-Publishing

with Orna Ross and (occasionally) Shanaya Wagh


4th Sundays, 1 pm GMT.

A step-by-step guide to creative planning, setting inspiring intentions and realistic goals for writing and publishing, while keeping the creative juices flowing.

Occasionally: AskALLi Self-Publishing Conference Highlight


Fifth Fridays (when applicable).

#SelfPubCon, The Self-Publishing Advice Conference is a twice-yearly online summit for self-publishing authors, run in March and September in association with ALLi, the London Book Fair, and Digital Book World. Whenever there are five Wednesdays in a month, we broadcast a highlight from SelfPubCon.

Archive: Self-Publishing Poetry Series

with Orna Ross and Guest Poet

Orna discussed a new theme with guest poets each month which focused on developing prosperity for poets through self-publishing poetry books and building a community of poetry lovers.

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