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Meet The ALLi Team

Orna Ross

Orna Ross

ALLi Founder and Director

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Irish novelist and poet Orna Ross began self-publishing in 2011 and immediately saw for herself the powerful potential of direct digital publishing for authors. Wanting to share the good news, and collaborate with other independent authors, she launched the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) at The London Book Fair in 2012. 

She has since established herself as a bestselling and award-winning author of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. When not imagining family murder mysteries in centuries past, or penning inspirational poems, she enjoys yoga and meditation, jogging and wall-tennis, and hanging out with friends and her (surprisingly unhomicidal) family.

You’ll find Orna on Twitter and Facebook (@ornaross) most days, talking about books and creative business. And she posts her poetry first on Instagram.

“What I love most about ALLi is the daily collaboration with our engaged, talented, and forward-thinking members, who work so well together to build each other’s confidence and skills. Together we are transforming not just how publishing is done, but how our societies read and write, and whose voice gets heard.”

Philip Lynch

Philip Lynch

ALLi Co-Director

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Before founding ALLi with Orna, Philip was a director at a large, corporate multinational. He left that work for a lifestyle of more freedom and independence. He brings 25 years of business management experience to ALLi and works on systems, strategy, and financial planning.

Although Philip doesn’t use social media, he loves receiving emails from members!

“I’m delighted to be working for the democratisation of publishing through our not-for-profit community interest company, where technologies are empowering authors with new ways of working, and new routes to readers. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be involved in this vibrant and mutually supportive community that’s so open to change.”


Howard Lovy

ALLi Multimedia Manager

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Howard was a journalist for more than 30 years, focusing primarily on science, technology, and innovation, Howard has always gravitated toward independent thinkers. He took this sense of mission to Foreword Reviews, where he was executive editor, guiding coverage of independent publishing, with a particular focus on amplifying the voices of publishers and authors that represent marginalized communities.

Now, as an independent editor, podcast producer for ALLi, and host of the “Inspirational Indie Authors podcast, Howard helps indie authors find their voice.

“There is nothing more worthwhile than helping indie authors leap over the arbitrary roadblocks of traditional publishing to make sure their stories are told. I’m proud to be a part of ALLi’s mission to provide tools for independent author-publishing.”


Sacha Black

Self-Publishing Advice Center Blog and #selfpubcon Manager

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Sacha Black writes nonfiction writing craft books and Young Adult fantasy novels. She joined ALLi in 2017 and became a member of the team in May 2019 as Editor of the Self-Publishing Advice Blog and the Self-Publishing Advice Conference Manager. When not writing, Sacha is usually travelling or digging up new conspiracy theories.

“I love ALLi because it makes a vast global industry feel connected by bringing authors and indie entrepreneurs from across the continents together. It’s an exciting team to be a part of because it’s grounded in forward thinking and more importantly, it educates its members to protect themselves and capitalise on their rights. ALLi is an inspiration to me and I’m proud to be a member and now a member of the team.”


Dan Holloway

Self-Publishing News Editor

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Dan is a poet, novelist, journalist, editor, and performer. He loves the writing and research process but comes into his own when given a microphone. He is the rabble-rouser in chief of The New Libertines, who have been touring the UK’s festivals and fringes since 2011. In 2010, he won the international spoken prose show Literary Death Match and competed at the 2016 UK National Poetry Slam Final at the Royal Albert Hall. He also runs the editing and copywriting business Rogue Interrobang, working with academics and non-fiction writers.

When Dan’s not doing writing things he runs ultramarathons and appears on cheesy TV game shows.

“It is a real honor to have been involved with ALLi since being a panelist at its launch. I love that ALLi is able to support self-publishers of all types, whatever their reason for taking control into their own hands. In a publishing world that struggles, time and again, to acknowledge and challenge its own homogeneity, ALLi stands for diversity and the fundamental principle that everyone deserves to be heard in their own voice.”


John Doppler

Services Watchdog

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John has an insatiable hunger for technology. A seasoned software developer, his quarter-century career in the tech industry comprises a smorgasbord of pursuits, including graphic design, game development, internet forensics, and digital publishing. He relishes helping authors turn new opportunities into their bread and butter.

John serves up humor, news, and resources to writers at Words on Words, and has been rumored to write biographies during lunch.

“ALLi represents the perfect fusion of knowledge, experience, and a supportive author community. Not one day goes by without useful information being shared among its members; not one day passes without my referring authors to the ALLi blog for answers. It’s an incomparable resource for both novice and expert authors.”


Michael La Ronn

Member Q&A Podcast Co-Host and US Ambassador

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Michael is the author of over 30 science fiction & fantasy novels and author self-help books. To date, he has published over 1.5 million words of fiction and nonfiction.

Since publishing his first book in 2014, he has produced a prolific writing portfolio while raising a family and working a full-time job in the insurance industry.

“When I started as an indie author, ALLI’s self-publishing advice was invaluable in helping me make smart decisions. It is now an honor to serve on the ALLi team so that I can pay it forward and make a real difference in indie authors’ careers by giving them useful advice and encouraging them to be the best authors they can be.”


Sarah Begley

 Member Care & Publishing Assistant

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Sarah provides business support services to small business owners worldwide. Diligent, smart and proactive, it’s her job to make the life of hard-working business owner’s easier.

When Sarah’s not supporting business owners, she’s travelling the globe and working on her passion – Eat Wag Play – a resource to provide nutrition and well-being advice to dog owners, ensuring fur babies everywhere lead a vibrant, healthy life.

“After discovering ALLi in 2015, I was amazed at the wealth of resources it provides to authors, which grows more and more each year. Not only did this encourage my own meagre writing endeavours, but it introduced me to Orna and Philip who are so incredibly passionate and dedicated to helping authors succeed that it’s impossible not to be swept up in, and want to be a part of, this wonderful alliance.”


Kayleigh Brindley

Social Media Administrator

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Kayleigh is a virtual assistant specialising in customer support and social media. She started Admin Angels UK in 2013 with the aim of helping small business owners and authors achieve a better work-life balance.

When she’s not working or spending time with her family, Kayleigh spends most of her time reading and reviewing books and working on her first novel.

“I first discovered ALLi when I started writing two years ago. The sheer wealth of resources and advice is invaluable to any self-publishing author and I’m delighted to give something back to ALLi and its members.”

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