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Membership FAQ

Am I eligible to join?

ALLi has four grades of member, from Associate/Students to Professional:

  • Author Membership
    For authors who have self-published a full-length book for adults (50,000+) or children or substantial collection of shorter works/poetry. Also for writers who have trade-published who are now preparing to author-publish.
  • Professional Membership
    For full-time author-publishers, earning their living through book sales. Professional Members have sold a minimum of 50,000 books in the past two years and applications are assessed.
  • Partner Membership
    For organisations offering necessary services to author-publishers. Partner Members range from sole trader, freelance editors and designers to large scale distributors like Amazon and Ingram.) All are vetted by our watchdog service.
  • Associate/Student Membership
    For creative writing, multimedia or publishing students with an interest in author-publishing; or a not-yet-published writer preparing a book for author-publication.

Full details and pricing for all our memberships are available on the Joining Page.