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Author Member Code of Standards

ALLi has a code of standards for our author members and our self-publishing service partners. This code aims to encourage the highest standards of ethics and excellence across the self-publishing community. Below is the Author Code. The Partner Code is here.

  • Collaboration: As an ALLi Author Member, I recognise that “self” publishing and “independent” authorship are relative terms and that nobody who publishes a good book works alone. I partner with other writers, editors, designers, publicists, distributors, booksellers, and the all-important readers, with courtesy and in a collaborative manner and give credit where it is due.
  • Professionalism: I perform my responsibilities in the publication process in a professional and timely way, providing clear guidelines and thoughtful input to copyeditors, designers, booksellers, and all partners, while respecting the expertise of others.
  • Courtesy: I behave with courtesy and respect toward readers, other authors, reviewers and industry professionals such as agents and publishers. If I find myself in disagreement, I focus on issues rather than airing grievances or complaints in the press or online or engaging in personal attacks of any kind.
  • Aliases: I do not hide behind an alias to boost my own sales or damage the sales or reputation of another person. If I adopt a pen name for legitimate reasons, I use it consistently and carefully.
  • Reviewing and rating books: I do not review or rate my own or another author’s books in any way that misleads or deceives the reader. I am transparent about my relationships with other authors when reviewing their books. I am transparent about any reciprocal reviewing arrangements and avoid any practices that result in the reader being deceived.
  • Reacting to reviews: I do not react to any book review by harassing the reviewer, getting a third party to harass the reviewer, or making any form of intrusive contact with the reviewer. If I’ve been the subject of a personal attack in a review, I respond in a way that is consistent with professional behaviour.
  • Editorial: Out of respect for my readers, I aim for the highest possible quality publication. I fully engage with the editorial process, including working with the appropriate level of editorial support in the framing, shaping and polishing of my manuscript.
  • Scholarship: I am accurate, to the very best of my ability, in all facts and accounts in my books. I follow publishing standards in crediting all sources of information, obtaining permission to use material for which permission is needed, and shunning plagiarism and libel.
  • Marketing: I am respectful when reaching out to readers. I do not bombard, spam, or force my books upon others. When I market my books, I put my readers first. I don’t engage in any practices that have the effect of misleading the readers/buyers of my books. 
  • Book promotions: I do not promote my books by making false statements about them or me, or consent to anyone else promoting them for me in a misleading manner.
  • Manipulation: I do not attempt to artificially manipulate reviews, downloads, or sales in any way. I understand that the promotional services I hire are an extension of my reputation, so I take the time to verify they use only legal and ethical methods.
  • Plagiarism: I know that plagiarism is illegal and unfair, and I don’t intentionally try to pass off another writer’s words as my own.
  • Financial ethics: In my business dealings as an author, I make every effort to be accurate and prompt with payments and financial calculations. If I make a financial error, I remedy it as soon as it’s brought to my attention.
  • Continuous Improvement: I seek out the training, education, support and coaching I need from books, courses, specialists, other authors, ALLi members and advisors.
  • Community: Recognising the important role of authors in publishing today, I play a supportive role in the author community, freely offering encouragement, and the benefit of my experience, to other authors. I am open and honest about my experiences, and share what I know in order to enhance our community and extend publishing possibilities for all authors.
  •  Ethics and Excellence: I subscribe to these two overarching values and take responsibility for how my books are produced, distributed, sold and marketed. If I realise anyone is acting against the spirit or letter of this Code on my behalf, I will refer them to this Code and ask them to modify their behaviour. I see myself as part of the movement for the highest standards in self-publishing.
  • Advocacy: I am an active advocate for the empowerment of authors through self-publishing. As the creative director of my books, both writer and publisher, I am proud of my indie status and carry that self-respect into all my ventures, negotiations, and collaborations, for my own benefit and the benefit of other authors.

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