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Engage with the Future of Publishing with the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) at the London Book Fair 2024

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, February 23, 2024, LONDON, UK — The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is pleased to announce its extensive participation at the London Book Fair 2024, where it will host a series of pivotal events and talks, and welcomes the introduction of the new, ground-breaking Self-Publishing Zone.

The London Book Fair (LBF) is where the global publishing community unites to develop relationships, gain insights, and define the future of creative content. ALLi's presence at Stand 1F51, at the heart of the new Self-Publishing Zone, speaks to the innovative strides taken by independent authors in recent years.

At LBF, indie authors can now network, find inspirations and insights, and catch up with the latest in publishing tools, services, and strategies that empower author-publishing.

Orna Ross, Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, said: “Self-publishing is no longer ‘plan B' but rather many authors' first choice as a route to market, offering more income, impact, and creative independence. Yes, there are challenges, but the success of so many independent authors shows that they are far from insurmountable.

Read the full release here.


The Self-Publishing Advice Conference Returns with More Opportunities for Indie Authors to Succeed

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, September 6, 2023, London, UK: The Self-Publishing Advice Conference (SelfPubCon) in association with the Alliance of Independent Authors on 21st-22nd October 2023, with a new theme and exciting opportunities for indie authors to learn, connect, and grow their self-publishing careers.

Each October, SelfPubCon offers 24 self-publishing presentations and panels across 24 hours, attracting top industry speakers like Joanna Penn, Jane Friedman, Dave Cohen, Anna Featherstone, Michael La Ronn, Russell Nohelty, Mark Dawson, Rachel McLean, and many more.

This year's theme “Success Mindset for Indie Authors” is aimed at helping authors develop the mindset, strategies, and skills necessary to succeed in today's competitive self-publishing landscape.

In addition to insightful sessions, attendees will also benefit from new networking opportunities facilitated by a dedicated chat room alongside live workshop sessions, and a brand-new writing competition with big prizes on offer for four winners. 

Read the full release here.


Alliance of Independent Authors Survey Reveals that Self-Publishing Authors Earn More Than Writers with Publishers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, April 17, 2023, London, UK: Report launching at The London Book Fair shows self-published author incomes are growing year on year. 

A new survey reveals that authors who bypass traditional publishing channels see increased incomes from their writing and publishing year on year, against a background of authors with third-party publishers seeing a fall in earnings.

The world’s first independent, international survey of the incomes of self-published (“indie”) authors, commissioned by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), found that the median revenue in 2022 was US$12,749. Most significantly, average incomes of self-published authors were rising, with a 53% increase in 2022 over the previous year. 

“ALLi has always believed that as well as enjoying more creative freedom, authors also enjoy greater commercial rewards from self-publishing,” said Orna Ross, ALLi Director. “Now that the results of this survey confirm that belief, we want to make sure all authors know that reports to the contrary are wrong. Writers can make a living as an author, if they do the work it takes to acquire good publishing skills, alongside good writing skills. Other indie authors are here to offer support at ALLi, and throughout the self-publishing community.”

In follow-up research, ALLi has commissioned the UK Copyright & Creative Economy Centre, CREATe, to expand analysis of the findings, particularly in relation to key demographic groups and factors that contribute to higher incomes. (Project sponsored by author education company Self-Publishing Formula.)

Read the full release here.


The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) Returns to the London Book Fair with Four Live Events for Indie Authors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, March 21, 2023, London, UK:

Following last year’s 10th anniversary celebrations, the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) will provide four live events for self-publishing authors at this year’s London Book Fair (18-20 April). 

The London Book Fair (LBF) is a global marketplace for story creators and the publishing industry’s “essential spring chapter”.

ALLi launched at the 2012 London Book Fair, our director Orna Ross is a member of the LBF advisory board, representing the interests of independent authors, and ALLi returns yearly to present the latest self-publishing trends and advice.

Orna Ross, ALLi Director, commented, “LBF is always a highlight of ALLi’s live calendar, and this year is no exception. We’ll present panel sessions at the fair’s Author HQ and The Writer’s Summit, attend the prize giving ceremony of The Selfie Awards, and enjoy our annual networking party for independent authors at the fair, thanks to party sponsors Amazon KDP.

ALLi will host panel sessions at the Author HQ and Writers’ Summit, as follows:

Read the full release here.


The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is ten years old!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, March 14, 2022, London, UK:

This year’s London Book Fair (5-7 April) marks ALLi’s tenth anniversary. Founded in 2012, in its first decade the premier membership association for self-publishing authors has already grown into an organisation with tens of thousands of members and subscribers across seven continents and achieved many remarkable “firsts” and successes.

ALLi’s most recent achievements include:

  • Winning the Romantic Novelist Association’s Indie Champion Award 2021
  • Topping the US Writer’s Digest “100 Best Publishing Websites for Authors 2021”, with its multi-award-winning Self-Publishing Advice Center
  • Broadcasting more than 450,000 downloads of the Self-Publishing Advice Podcast

“Today we celebrate all our members and friends who’ve made this past decade extraordinary,” said Orna Ross. “ALLi has grown bigger than we ever have imagined ten years ago, and that’s because self-publishing has become such an important part of the wider publishing industry and is such an exciting and positive route to publication for so many authors. ALLi exists to foster excellence and ethics in self-publishing and to advocate for author independence and empowerment. Our growth over this past decade shows how much our thousands of members and tens of thousands of subscribers value those aims. We cannot wait to see what the next decade brings for authors… and ALLi”

Read the full release here.


ALLi Wins Romantic Novelist Association (RNA)’s inaugural Indie Champion Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, October 29, 2021, London, UK:

The team at the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is pleased to share the news that our global association for self-publishing authors has won the Romantic Novelist Association (RNA)’s inaugural Indie Champion Award, at a London ceremony on 28th October 2021. 

The RNA awards celebrate persons, groups and organisations who champion the broad genre of romantic fiction in a positive way, with the Indie Champion award recognising a person, group, organisation, or company who has made an outstanding contribution to indie romance publishing.

Orna Ross, Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, commented, It is my great pleasure to accept this Indie Champion award on behalf of the ALLi team, advisors and ambassadors — and of course our members, each one a proud champion of independence as they go about their work of self-publishing great books. I would like to thank the Romantic Novelists’ Association for this award and also for its openness to independent authors. Since the arrival of digital publishing technology over a decade ago, self-publishing romance authors have been at the forefront of innovation — so it is a great honour for us to receive this award from the most forward-thinking writers in publishing. Thank you. And long live the love!

Read the full release here.


ALLi Downgrades Amazon ACX to “Caution”

Rising concerns over income loss from Amazon Audible’s refund and exchange policies. 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, November 19, 2020, London, UK:

The Alliance of Independent Authors has today downgraded its rating of Amazon ACX as a self-publishing service from “Approved“ (via “Pending” during investigation) to “Caution”, arising from concerns about income loss from Amazon Audible’s refund and exchange policies, and deteriorating customer service to authors and narrators.

ALLi now has reason to believe that Amazon Audible’s refund and return policies are resulting in unknown numbers of audiobook authors and narrators around the world being deprived of income. 

“We urge ACX to introduce a more equitable payment model for writers and other audiobook creatives,” says Orna Ross, Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors. “Indie authors and narrators are highly appreciative of ACX’s innovative marketplace which allows authors and narrators to create and distribute audiobooks with ease. And of Audible, equally innovative in driving the recent audiobook revolution which has been so enriching for authors and audiobook listeners, especially those who find voice more accessible than text. But Amazon’s dominant position in the audiobook market cannot be used to deprive authors and other creators of their rightful share of earned income.”

Read the full release here.


ALLi Launches First Rights Program for Indie Authors

Opening Up the Rights Industry Through Education and Coaching

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday September 10, 2019, Nashville, Tennesse, USA:

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), the global non-profit association for self-publishing authors, has announced an Indie Author Rights Program which will run across the next six months.

“The Indie Author Publishing Rights Program aims to open up the rights industry to indie authors through a publicly accessible education and coaching program,” said Orna Ross, founder and director of ALLi, speaking at Digital Book World 2019 in Nashville. “The aim is to help a group of indie authors get ready to properly pitch translation rights at London Book Fair 2020, with the hope those meetings and potential deals lead to the sale of translation rights.”

Read the full release here.


ALLi Launches the First Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast

#AskALLi Video and Podcast Series Launch 2019-2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, August 12, 2019, London, UK: In another first for the London based authors organization, and as part of its 2019-2020 season of broadcasts, the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is to launch the first Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast.

ALLi’s new 2019/2020 broadcast lineup offers weekly Facebook live videos and bi-weekly audio podcasts, and reflects the two most notable trends in self-publishing today: the rise in poetry as a commercial genre; and the rise in audio consumption, through both podcasting and audiobooks.

Read the full release here.


APWG Report on Author Earnings Misses the Mark

Report Sends Wrong Message to Writers and Misses the Opportunity in Self-Publishing

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, June 11, 2019, London, UK: There’s a revolution underway in the publishing industry. Independent authors are writing, publishing, licensing rights, and earning significant incomes in one or more business models. But the All-Party Writers Group’s (APWG) report released today remains stuck in the age-old earnings battle between trade publishers and their content providers.

“Until author organizations embrace the fact that the global publishing landscape has changed and authors are often better off when they self-publish,” says Orna Ross, founder and director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, “authors will continue to grapple with sub-par earnings.”

Read the full release here.


ALLi Members Win and Place in Inaugural Award for Self-Published Authors

Jane Davis, member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and author of Smash all the Windows, was announced at London Book Fair (LBF) late Tuesday as the winner of the top prize in a new award to recognize the best work of fiction self-published in the UK in 2018.

“We congratulate Jane Davis for this well-deserved recognition of much more than having written and published an excellent book,” says Orna Ross, founder and director of ALLi. “It’s also an acknowledgement that indie authors are producing work of unquestionable merit and must master the double challenge of writing a great book and also publishing it.”

Read the full release here.


Indie Authors & Poets Break Through at The London Book Fair

Independent authors will make a big appearance at the 2019 London Book Fair (LBF). Members of ALLi, the Alliance of Independent Authors, are flying in from all over the world to take part in one of the year’s largest global publishing events.

“ALLi launched at the London Book Fair seven years ago,” says Orna Ross, founder and director of the Alliance of Independent Authors. “And this year, the program for both the beginner and experienced author-publisher has expanded.”

Read the full release here.


Retirement? Not for Indie Authors

Independent authors have no plans to “retire” or stop writing and publishing as they age. However, according to the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), all authors need to pay more attention to intellectual property and estate planning. And the long-term management of publishing and other creative assets is particularly pressing for self-publishing authors.

A survey conducted informally by ALLi through one of its member forums (of more than 1600 independent authors working in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and the EU), revealed that the overwhelming majority have no plans to retire from their writing.

“I decided to retire from running a little publishing company when I was 75,” says Tony Whelpton, author of literary fiction. “I published my own first novel at the age of 79 and am well underway with my eighth. I am 86 and I intend to carry on until I drop.”

Read the full release here.


Governments Must Acknowledge Changed Nature of Authorship

ALLi Calls on Creative Industry Bodies in Six Countries to Include Entrepreneurial Author Training and Support in Literature, Publishing and Business Programs

Ten years after the widespread adoption of self-publishing by the author community, the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is calling on the governments in six individual publishing territories—Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and US—to recognize the entrepreneurial nature of the new indie author. And to acknowledge the social, cultural and economic contribution of their work.

“Governments must acknowledge the increasing business, knowledge, cultural and social contributions of indie authors,” says Orna Ross, director and founder of ALLi. “It’s time creative industry leaders, at all levels, stepped up and engaged in global analysis and support of these pioneering, global author-businesses.”

Government bodies, including ministries responsible for business, entrepreneurship, culture, intellectual property, the knowledge economy, and related industry organizations must get better at identifying, tracking, quantifying, and supporting independent authors and other creative digital micro-businesses.

Read the full release here.

Digital Book World30.09.2018

Alliance of Independent Authors Applauds Digital Book World for Opening Up to Indie Authors

Nashville, TN, September 30 – This is the future, now. ALLi, the Alliance of Independent Authors, is celebrating the new wave of publishing represented by the Digital Book World (DBW) conference in Nashville, Tennessee, October 2-4, 2018. ALLi applauds the move of DBW from old to new publishing, from the establishment to the fringe, and from NYC to Nashville.

“We love that it’s a conference which has flung the door open to publishers of every sort and size, from trade publishers to Amazon and Ingram and PublishDrive, to micro indie-publishers and self-publishing authors,” says Orna Ross, founder and director of ALLi.

ALLi’s theme for the conference is: True Independence for Authors Is Commercial and Creative Independence.

Read the full release here.

Oct 2015: ALLiance of Independent Authors launch latest ALLi Self-publishing Service Directory

“The latest ALLi Self-publishing Directory, launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair, is the essential guide to the industry for both beginner and published author alike” Read More

July 2015: Orna Ross launches Secret Rose in tribute to #Yeats2015

“The Secret Rose is WB Yeats short story collection published in 1897, Her Secret Rose is the new novel from Orna Ross, and now both are combined in a unique book for #Yeats2015.” Read More

July 2015: Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) explains the legal essentials for indie authors

“ALLi Director Orna Ross joins forces with author and lawyer Helen Sedwick to discuss copyright, contracts and scams.” Read More

Jan 2015: Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) to globally extend IndieReCon 2015

“ALLi will join forces with IndieReCon in 2015, offering a global conference aimed at providing the best advice and education for independent-minded authors across the world, particularly those with an interest in self-publishing.” Read More

Dec 2014: Subsidiary Rights for Self-Publishers: ALLi and Toby Mundy Associates unveil a ground-breaking partnership

“The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and the agency Toby Mundy Associates (TMA) have come together to create a unique subsidiary rights service for independent (‘self-published’) authors. From 1 January 2015, TMA will begin selling translation and other subsidiary rights for eligible ALLi members”. Read More

Nov 2014: Alliance of Independent Authors debuts Ethical Author Code at Futurebook Big Ideas Panel

“One of our cornerstones is to encourage all sectors of the self-publishing world – from aspiring author-publishers to global service providers – to aim for the highest standards of ethics and excellence and this directory is an important step towards realising that goal”. Read More

Oct 2014: ALLi's Self Publishing Directory Launches at Frankfurt Book Fair 2014

“One of our cornerstones is to encourage all sectors of the self-publishing world – from aspiring author-publishers to global service providers – to aim for the highest standards of ethics and excellence and this directory is an important step towards realising that goal”. Read More

Aug 2014: ALLi announces new Self Publishing Directory

“ALLi is committed to ensuring our Partner Members offer something of tangible value to authors. The directory acts as a showcase for trustworthy services. Combined with the insight and advice from our Author Members and Advisors, this will be a great way for authors to explore and connect with committed publishing professionals”;Read More

May 2014: ALLi launches Choosing A Self Publishing Service

“Many authors feel paralysed by choice when faced with the array of self-publishing alternatives before them. Our watchdog team has done the hard work of research and comparison, so we can point a clear pathway through the rapidly changing, and often confusing, landscape of author services.”Read more

May 2014: ALLi unveils packed BEA schedule

“All in all it’s going to be an exciting BEA for ALLi. We’re looking forward to getting together, networking, learning, and advising the publishing world about the benefits and delights of self-publishing. ”Read more

April 2014: ALLi and Kobo announce OUTIA launch

“Kobo is eager to work with ALLi on the Open Up to Indie Authors program and publication, thereby continuing to assist authors with navigating the critical yet often complex layers, relationships and processes surrounding the book industry.”Read more

March 2014: ALLi Teams With Royal Society of Literature at TLC Conference

“The Writing in a Digital Age conference… is a unique event in the writing calendar. ALLi is proud to be an associate of a conference that offers such a broad and diverse view of the current publishing landscape.””Read more

March 2014: ALLi welcomes Author Solutions action

“We very much commend this move by The Bookseller and applaud the campaigning work of David Gaughran and Victoria Strauss in particular, as well as the many others in the author-publishing community who tirelessly work for a fair deal for writers”Read more

February 2014: ALLi offers London Book Fair discounts

“Issues we’ll be covering range from rights management and copyright through to the best platforms for self-publishing, panel discussions, top author publishing tips, alongside anniversary celebrations, book launches and our first ever indie author fringe fest.”Read more

February 2014: ALLi announces Spring Events

“We pride ourselves on the range and value of the discounts we offer our members and the book fair discounts are always popular. It helps budget conscious writers take advantage of the increasing opportunities at such fairs.”Read more

February 2014: ALLi explores Film Rights for members

“The TV and film world are waking up to the potential of self-published novels and stories and we are very pleased to be bringing this new service to our members.”Read more

February 2014: ALLI secures Kobo as OUTI Sponsors

“Being able to draw on Kobo’s extensive network of local and regional partners will make Opening Up to Indie Authors a truly global launch, with author-publishers all over the world reaching out to their local bookstores at the same time — another publishing first.”Read more

January 2014: ALLi and IPR team up on selling rights

“ALLi is always investigating ways to help its members sell more books and sell rights. IPR are doing very interesting work in this arena and we are happy to explore the possibilities for rights sales with them on behalf of our members.”Read more

January 2014: ALLi influences Fiction Uncovered award

“The annual summer promotion which has been dubbed the ‘Mercury Prize’ for UK writers, Fiction Uncovered aims to bring ‘under-discovered’ writers to a wider audience. Working in association with ALLi, the promotion is now accepting author-published work for the first time.”Read more

December 2013: ALLi announces IngramSpark discounts

“ALLi is delighted to be working closely with Ingram to help deliver the best possible service for indie authors as publishing and trading conditions change.”

Read more

December 2013: Orna Ross featured in Bookseller 100

“Orna Ross, Founder and Director of non-profit professional association The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), is the only self-publishing figure featured in the annual compilation of the most important people in the UK and International book trade.”Read more

November 2013: ALLi's Winter Events Programme

“From business specifics to watchdog services, non-profit professional association The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) has launched an insightful event programme for this winter.”Read more

November 2013: ALLi Launches Book of the Month Awards

“Non-profit professional association The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) has created a new monthly award for great indie reads, offering greater exposure for author publishers and their books.”Read more

September 2013: ALLi Watchdog Warning

“The Alliance of Independent Authors’ Watchdog Service expresses concern about the new Author Service Comparison Website by Writers & Artists, a Bloomsbury imprint.”Read more

September 2013: Choosing A Self Publishing Service

“The ever expanding self publishing industry has opened up new pathways for aspiring authors. Yet the huge array of options makes finding the right path challenging. Anticipating the need for impartial and relevant advice, the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is delighted to introduce Choosing a Self Publishing Service 2013″Read more

July 2013: ALLi and Pubmatch Partnership

“The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) today announced a new arrangement with PubMatch, the international book rights network. The deal means ALLi members will be able to access the premium range of PubMatch membership services at aheavily discounted rate of just $9.99 annually (usually $79.99).”Read more

July 2013: Open Up to Indies

“As more self published and independent writers produce work of real value to their readers, The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is calling on the book industry to allow their voices to be heard with an “Open Up to Indie Authors” petition.”Read more

April 2013: The Folio Prize

“The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)’s Open Up To Indies Campaign welcomes the news that the newly established Folio Prize, with a top award of £10,000, will be accepting self published entries.”Read more

International Rights Agent for ALLi Members

  • Author bio
  • Synopsis – 1-2 pages max (no blurb style teasers, please; include everything, spoilers too!)
  • Manuscript
  • Anything else Jennifer should know – book sales, pub dates, awards won, future plans, author platform, working on next novel, etc.


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