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ALLi: your source for the best and most complete global data on self-publishing

The Alliance of Independent Authors both commissions original research and collates it across the self-publishing sector, to provide the latest and most complete facts and figures on self-publishing available. You can read all our reports on our Self-Publishing Facts and Figures page.

Did you know?

  • Self-published authors earn almost twice as much as authors who are traditionally published and their income is rising at an astonishing 53%. (ALLi)
  • Self-published women out-earn self-published men by 40.9%. In traditional publishing, men out-earn women by 41.4%. (ALLi)
  • Over 2000 self-published authors have surpassed $100,000 in royalties (Amazon 2022)
  • Self-published LGBTQIA+ authors out-earn self-published heterosexual authors by 19%.

About ALLi (short)

The Alliance of Independent Authors is the only global self-publishing organisation. ALLi (pronounced ally) is a professional membership organisation fostering ethics and excellence in self-publishing. We are a non-profit, community interest company providing independent authors with trusted self-publishing advice, support, and resources within a welcoming and active community of thousands of authors.  We bring together the world’s best indie authors, advisors, and vetted services, offering contacts and campaigns, education and collaboration together with trusted guidance on how to self-publish well.

About ALLi (extended)

The Alliance of Independent Authors is a professional membership organisation fostering ethics and excellence in self-publishing. We are a non-profit, community interest company providing  independent authors with trusted self-publishing advice, support, and resources within a welcoming and active community of thousands of authors. 

As the only non-profit representing independent authors globally, with members on all seven continents, our campaigns and outreach education programs have had an impact at every level of the wider author community.

ALLi was founded by Orna Ross and her husband and co-director Philip Lynch at London Book Fair 2012, born out of Orna’s prior work as a poet and author, creativity facilitator, and literary agent, and Philip’s prior work as a company director at a large multinational.

Keywords: ethics / excellence in self-publishing

ALLi in the news

You can find the latest news and media about us in ‘ALLi in the news’.

Key Team Members

Founder and Director:
Orna Ross

Key topics: Author-publishing, ALLi, rights and contracts, international and global issues

Philip Lynch

Key topics: ALLi strategy, Partners and Organization Members

Self-publishing news:
Dan Holloway

Key topics: Latest news, author conferences

Campaigns Manager:
Melissa Addey

Key topics: Making self-publishing possible for all. Ethics, accessibility, Organization members.

Partner Manager:
Michael La Ronn

Key topics: Outreach and publishing services

Head of Watchdog Desk:
John Doppler

Key topics: Watchdog – ethics in self-publishing

Key Advisors

Enterprise & Technology Advisor:
Joanna Penn

Distribution Advisor:
Mark Coker

Children’s Publishing Advisor:
Karen Inglis

Book Marketing Advisor:
Ricardo Fayet

Publishing Advisor:
Jane Friedman

Creative Advisor:
Mark McGuinness

Children’s Publishing Advisor:
Karen Inglis

Literary Agent & Contract Advisor:
Ethan Ellenberg

Other advisors

You can see our additional advisors here: global advisors.

Ethics and Excellence

ALLi's code of standards

ALLi has a code of standards for both Partner and Author Members and runs a Watchdog Desk, headed by John Doppler, which produces an annually updated guidebook to the best author services, best practices and best self-publishing routes. The watchdog desk maintains an industry rating that warns about substandard companies, identifies rogue services which overcharge, over-promise, under-deliver, or in any way exploit authors.

ALLi's Campaigns work

Ethical self-publishing
A code of standards for indie authors and self-publishing services, showing their support for the principle of putting readers first. Authors display their adherence to this guiding principle through their publishing choices and by displaying ALLi’s “I am an ethical author” badge on their websites. Approved services agree to being vetted by the ALLi watchdog desk.

Opening up to indie authors 
A campaign to encourage and aid literary events, festivals, prizes, reviewers, booksellers, and other interested parties to include self-publishing authors in their programs, events, listings, and reviews. We are seeking signatures for a petition to show that it is time for the method of publication to become irrelevant in literary curation.

SelfPub3: Author Business
A campaign to encourage author empowerment and improved author income through education and creative business skills. Indie authors are offered ten business models and encouraged to put with their own transactional website at the core of a sustainable and scalable author business plan.

Self-publishing for all 
A campaign to encourage diversity, accessibility and freedom of expression through self-publishing.

We think global and act local - read more about our global work here.

ALLi membership

ALLi is a membership organization that has five grades of membership; three for authors, one for partner service organizations and one for other writing organizations.

  1. Associate Membership: For creative writing, multimedia or publishing students with an interest in author-publishing; or a not-yet-published writer preparing a book for author-publication.
  2. Author Membership: For authors who have self-published a full-length book for adults (50,000+) or children or substantial collection of shorter works/poetry. Also for writers who have trade-published who are now preparing to author-publish.
  3. Authorpreneur Membership: For full-time author-publishers, earning their living through book sales. Authorpreneur Members have sold a minimum of 50,000 books in the past two years and applications are assessed.
  4. Partner Membership: For organizations offering necessary services to author-publishers. Partner Members range from sole trader, freelance editors and designers to large scale distributors like Amazon and Ingram.) All are vetted by our watchdog service.
  5. Organization Membership: For not-for profit writing organizations whose main focus might be international, national, local or by genre, we offer a membership allowing their author members to benefit from our self-publishing expertise. This membership also means we can support these organizations to ensure their self-published members are fully supported within the organization. By invitation: please contact for further details.
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