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Media Kit

Alliance of Independent Authors' Media KitAre you writing a story about the phenomenal rise of self-publishing? About the creativity and dynamism of indie authors? About how authors can best produce, distribute, market and promote books? About ethical or copyright issues in a rapidly changing publishing landscape? About author earnings and the ways authors in the business of self-publishing are addressing this that no one is talking about?

Or, perhaps, about ALLi founder Orna Ross, an indie author named “one of the 100 most influential people in publishing” by The Bookseller? ; our campaigns; online conference; and our plans for the future?

With an extensive global reach—we have members on all continents—and a mission to champion ethics and excellence in self-publishing, ALLi is the go-to voice for the most creative, dynamic and cutting-edge authors. – Orna Ross

We’re ready to talk.

About ALLi: Bios

About ALLi: (short)

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is a professional membership organization fostering ethics and excellence in self-publishing. Rapidly growing, this global, nonprofit organization brings together the world’s best indie authors, advisors and vetted services, offering contacts and campaigns, education and collaboration — together with trusted guidance on how to self-publish well.

Our keywords are ethics and excellence in self-publishing

About ALLi (longer)

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi, “ally with an i”) is a professional membership organization fostering ethics and excellence in self-publishing.

ALLi  is a diverse, supportive and friendly community of thousands of authors, collaborating with other author organizations and service partners.

In addition to an active, engaged, and growing membership, alongside with a healthy social media presence, ALLi has credibility and influence in the publishing and self-publishing industries with its founder-director, the award-winning novelist and poet Orna Ross, repeatedly named one of the “Top 100 people in publishing.” (The Bookseller)

As the only non-profit representing independent authors globally, with members on all seven continents, the association has become the most trusted voice in self-publishing. And its outreach education programs and campaigns ensure its impact is felt beyond its membership designations and borders, influencing the wider author community at every level.

More about ALLi here

Media Mentions

Here you can find the latest news and media about The Alliance of Independent Authors.

For interview requests or any other media inquiries, please contact ALLi’s Communications Manager, Boni Wagner-Stafford

ALLi Code of Standards & Self-Publishing Advice

ALLi Code of Standards

Alliance of Independent Authors' Media KitALLi has a Code of Standards for both Partner and Author Members and runs a Watchdog Desk, headed by John Doppler, which produces an annually updated guidebook to the best author services, best practices and best self-publishing routes.

The Watchdog Desk maintains an industry rating that warns about substandard companies, identifies rogue services which overcharge, over-promise, under-deliver, or in any way exploit authors.

ALLi Self-Publishing Advice

#AskALLi is an umbrella campaign in which ALLi promise to answer any question anyone might have about self-publishing. The forums for this campaign are

  • Member Advice Forum for Associate and Author Members (book editorial, book design, book production, book distribution, book marketing and promotion).
  • Member Advice Forum for Authorpreneur Members (running an indie author business and selling rights)
  • Monthly Member Q&A, where members submit questions in writing to be answered by the ALLi team
  • A Self-publishing Advice Center, our reach-out advice and education program, to the wider indie author community.
  • A biannual online author conference, Self-Publishing Advice Conference, or #selfpubcon
  • A bi-weekly broadcast in video and audio podcast.


ALLi Campaigns: Copyright Bill of Rights

Copyright law, policy, and practice underwrites the publication and sale of books. The income that every author and publisher receives derives from copyright law. Independent authors, who are both writers and publishers, and who actively manage their own publishing rights, need to understand the importance of copyright and how to assert their rights in the digital age.

As a global nonprofit organization promoting ethics and excellence in self-publishing, ALLi advocates for the fair treatment and empowerment of the individual (“indie”) author in the publishing and self-publishing sectors. It is our responsibility, and our honor, to put forward the issues that independent authors face in the course of doing their work and running their businesses. No issue is more fundamental than copyright.

ALLi Campaigns: Self-Publishing 3.0 (#selfpub3.0)

#selfpub3.0 encourages authors to ensure we have a diversity of earning streams through our own websites, which become the hub of our successful publishing and media enterprises. Income streams might include direct sales, subscription models, crowdsourced patronage, wide distribution models and other income streams like online teaching and affiliate income.

ALLi Campaigns: Ethical Author Campaign

Our Ethical Author Campaign is code of standards that authors adhere to that shows their support of the “Putting the reader first” guiding principal. Authors display their adherence to the code by displaying our “I am an ethical author” badge on their websites.

ALLi Campaigns: Blockchain for Books

Blockchain, the technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, also has enormous implications for authors and publishers. So far, blockchain has attracted most interest as the system that underwrites digital currencies like Bitcoin but it is also likely to underwrite the next disruption in publishing, and likely in a way that will be even more disruptive than the digital revolution. ALLi have a committee doing an analysis of what is possible and drawing up a White Paper of recommendations.

ALLi Campaigns: Opening up to Indie Authors

ALLi runs an ongoing campaign to encourage and aid literary events, festivals, prizes, reviewers, booksellers and other interested parties to find ways to include self-publishing authors in their programs, events, listings and reviews. We are seeking signatures for a petition to show that it’s time for the method of publication to become irrelevant in literary curation.


ALLi Membership Types

ALLi is a Membership organization that has five grades of membership, three for authors and two for partners services and organizations:

      • Author Membership
        For authors who have self-published a full-length book for adults (50,000+) or children or substantial collection of shorter works/poetry. Also for writers who have trade-published who are now preparing to author-publish.
      • Authorpreneur Membership
        For full-time author-publishers, earning their living through book sales. Authorpreneur Members have sold a minimum of 50,000 books in the past two years and applications are assessed.
      • Partner Membership
        For organizations offering necessary services to author-publishers. Partner Members range from sole trader, freelance editors and designers to large scale distributors like Amazon and Ingram.) All are vetted by our watchdog service.
      • Associate/Student Membership
        For creative writing, multimedia or publishing students with an interest in author-publishing; or a not-yet-published writer preparing a book for author-publication.
      • Organization Membership (new)
        For author organizations that support self-publishing authors

    For More Membership Information:


    For interview requests, or any other media enquiries, please contact Boni Wagner-Stafford.

    ALLi Logos

    Alliance of Independent Authors' Media Kit

    Key Voices in ALLi

    Alliance of Independent Authors' Media Kit

    Founder & Director: Orna Ross

    Key Topics: Author-Publishing, ALLi, Rights & Contracts, International and Global Issues


    Alliance of Independent Authors' Media Kit

    John Doppler-Schiff

    Watchdog & US Ambassador: John Doppler

    Key Topics: Watchdog, Author Services


    Dan Holloway

    Self-Publishing News: Dan Holloway

    Key Topics: Latest News, Author Conferences

    Alliance of Independent Authors' Media Kit

    Author Enterprise Advisor: Joanna Penn

    Key Topics: Business & Money Matters For Authors

    Other Advisors

    We also work closely with a network of global advisors. Visit our Advisors Page

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