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Open up to Indie Authors Campaign

ALLi runs an ongoing campaign to encourage and aid literary events, festivals, prizes, reviewers, booksellers, government bodies, and other interested parties to find ways to include self-publishing authors in their programs, events, listings and reviews.

What we at ALLi are doing

It seems reasonable that books of equal quality should be treated on equal terms, no matter how they have been published. It is, therefore, frustrating and disappointing when self-published authors who have produced top-quality books encounter glass ceilings, closed doors or dead ends simply because they have the skill to manage their own book production and promotion

Equally, among certain self-published authors there exists an assumption that simply publishing a book gives them equal rights in the marketplace with trade published bestsellers, an assumption that is not realistic for those who have produced a poor quality book. Savvy indie authors understand that they are operating within an industry which has its own needs, and behave accordingly.

We at ALLi support authors to produce fantastic quality books and campaign for industry doors to open up in return.


Our campaign booklet:  Open Up To Indie Authors offers both authors and organizations an overview of why this campaign is important and what we at ALLi are doing to ensure that self-published authors are included throughout the publishing industry.


Email campaign: We run an email campaign where we encourage inclusion of indie authors by sharing best practice with organisations. You can see our organisation-specific booklets below: please click to download them and share them where you believe they might be valued.


 Information gathering: Please contact us to  commend those who are opening up to indie authors, and let us know about those who could do better. We work with ambassadors and author organizations around the globe.


Sharing opportunities: We share success stories where organisations have opened up to indie authors and we encourage indies to make the most of those opportunities, so that they can enjoy greater success and visibility throughout the publishing industry.

Read the best source of original research from across the self-publishing world, commissioned and collated by ALLi.

ALLi both commissions original independent research (the Indie Author Income Survey) and collates sector data from across the world (the Big Indie Author Data Drop), to bring you the best and most complete source of self-publishing facts and figures.
Did you know that self-published authors earn up to twice as much as traditionally published authors?

Get your copy of Opening Doors, ALLi's best practice guide

Our best practice guide to the publishing industry for indie authors. From entering awards and joining literary associations, to approaching festivals, bookshops and making the most of your publication rights, this proactive book is full of tips, insights and inspiring case studies.

Members: Download your copy in the Member Zone

Non-members: Purchase a copy from our Self-Publishing Advice Centre Shop

Use our checklist to ensure your book is the best it can be

Use this simple checklist to ensure your book (and you as an author) are presented in your best light, so that you can confidently approach outlets such as libraries and bookshops, as well as writing associations you wish to join.

Download your copy: click here

Use our letter to open doors

You may come across an organization that is still closed to self-published authors and if so, we have found that a polite letter challenging that choice can have real impact. Download our template letter and use it to make your voice heard.

Template letter: Download it here

Self-Publishing facts 2022: Add these stats to help make your point!

Join our Campaigners mailing list

Add your name and email to our Campaigners mailing list. From time to time we will ask you if you can help us open up new doors for indie authors, perhaps by sending an email to ask an organization to include indies (we'll give you a template to follow!) or identifying which areas you'd like us to target next. We won't ask for anything onerous, but there is power in numbers!

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