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Media Release: The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is ten years old!

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is ten years old!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, March 14, 2022, London, UK: This year’s London Book Fair (5-7 April) marks ALLi’s tenth anniversary. Founded in 2012, in its first decade the premier membership association for self-publishing authors has already grown into an organisation with tens of thousands of members and subscribers across seven continents and achieved many remarkable “firsts” and successes.

ALLi’s most recent achievements include: 

  • Winning the Romantic Novelist Association’s Indie Champion Award 2021
  • Topping the US Writer’s Digest “100 Best Publishing Websites for Authors 2021”, with its multi-award-winning Self-Publishing Advice Center
  • Broadcasting more than 450,000 downloads of the Self-Publishing Advice Podcast

“Today we celebrate all our members and friends who’ve made this past decade extraordinary,” said Orna Ross. “ALLi has grown bigger than we ever have imagined ten years ago, and that’s because self-publishing has become such an important part of the wider publishing industry and is such an exciting and positive route to publication for so many authors. ALLi exists to foster excellence and ethics in self-publishing and to advocate for author independence and empowerment. Our growth over this past decade shows how much our thousands of members and tens of thousands of subscribers value those aims. We cannot wait to see what the next decade brings for authors… and ALLi”

Did you know?

  • The Pulitzer Prize, the British Book Awards and the Commonwealth Book Prize (amongst other major literary awards) are now all open to self-published authors.
  • A study by FicShelf found that women wrote just 39% of traditionally published titles, but 67% of self-published titles.
  • In 2020 8% of Alliance of Independent Authors members had sold more than 50,000 books in the past two years—or business equivalent.
  • Books by indie authors account for 30-34% of all e-book sales in the largest English-language markets, as reported in Publishers Weekly.
  • Multiple indie authors have made the New York Times and other bestseller lists around the world.
  • In the past month not only has indie author Mary Jane Wells won the Audie Award for Best Original Work 2022 for audiobook Heroine, but previously traditionally published Brandon Sanderson has made crowdfunding history with his choice to publish independently via a Kickstarter project for four books, which currently stands at a record-breaking $27 million of an original $1m goal.

Diversity and access to publishing, and experimentation in literary forms and commercial outlets have all been fostered by the indie author movement. Now as the creator economy expands and diversifies, self-publishing authors are ideally equipped to make a living from creating books and related merchandise and services.

10th Anniversary Events

To celebrate ALLi’s milestone, the organization will be revisiting the London Book Fair 2022, site of its launch ten years ago, with panel sessions at the Author HQ and Writers’ Summit, a stand where authors can drop by for advice and networking (ID48) and a drinks party sponsored by Amazon KDP. Find out more and book a ticket for the London Book Fair here

ALLi will be continuing the celebrations online at a Self-Publishing Advice Mini Conference & party online on April 16th, including:

  • Ten Word Story Competition: A ten-word flash fiction competition, open to unpublished and published authors. Entry details here, closing date 10th April.
  • Mini-Conference & Party: Panel sessions recorded at the London Book Fair with Orna Ross, Joanna Penn and Michael Anderlé, special interview with Mark Coker and Kris Austin, CEOs, about the merger of Smashwords and Draft2Digital; inspiring indie author interviews; grand prize-giving with Kobo Writing Life; and lots of giveaways and good times. Learn more. #SelfPubMiniCon: 16th April
  • Launch of a new Organisational Membership and Organization Manager, Melissa Addey, to bring ALLi’s self-publishing expertise to author groups around the world. 3rd

‘ALLi has always campaigned for all writing-related organisations to include indie authors,’ said Melissa Addey. ‘Now that so many important and well-known organisations have indeed welcomed indie authors, we're focused on working more closely with them to meet those authors’ needs, through our organisation membership. And of course, we will still be campaigning for those organisations who have not yet done so, to Open Up! Indie authors, working to high quality industry standards, can bring a lot to any organisation, for mutual benefit.’

ALLI’s work and focus

The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi, pronounced ‘ally’) is the global, non-profit association for self-publishing writers. ALLi aims to foster excellence and ethics in self-publishing; to support authors through the seven stages of the publishing process; and to advocate for author independence and empowerment through publishing skills, creative entrepreneurship, and digital business development.

The organisation’s outreach campaigns, self-publishing advice center (, guidebooks, podcast and blog have had an impact at every level of the author community and publishing sector, while its members have celebrated numerous creative and commercial successes.

ALLI members are encouraged to use a variety of digital tools and services to publish and distribute their books cost-effectively, across the world, in ebook, print and audio formats and to see their own author websites as the hub of their publishing enterprises.  

For press enquiries, please contact Luutsche on  

or 07586 424394 (UK)



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