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Literary Agent

Publisher Toby Mundy

In addition to working closely with the two largest right selling platforms (IPR License (UK) and Pubmatch (USA), ALLi also works with a dedicated literary agency, Toby Mundy Associates (TMA), who represents suitable books by our Professional Members.

Why A Literary Agent?

It is challenging for an indie author to acquire the knowledge of international territories and publishing houses required to handle their own translation, TV and film, and other publishing rights, on top of everything else. That’s not to say they can’t, many already do, but now qualifying ALLi members can have their books read and assessed for rights potential, on a non-exclusive basis by Toby Mundy of Toby Mundy Associates (TMA), London.

“The indie-author space is different to the traditional author space and needs different handling,” says Toby who, working closely with the authors, fields, handles and negotiates rights enquiries for interested ALLi members. “There is huge interest in what is happening in the indie-author space among traditional publishers desperate for the kinds of ‘proof of concept’ self-publishing can provide.”

TMA works in close association with Ed Victor Ltd, one of the global agencies with most experience in the complex arena of sub rights management.

See Orna Ross and Toby Mundy discuss rights and the arrangement for professional members here.

Some of the reasons ALLi likes working with Toby is that he understands the particular needs of self-publishers, is very flexible, and is happy to work with an author on a non-exclusive basis. (ALLi believes non-exclusivity is very important in author-publishing).

What this means in practice is that Toby can handle an individual project only, or particular sub right e.g film & TV or foreign only. So authors who work with other agents for other books/rights are welcome too. (Do clear it, in writing, with your other agent first though).

In addition, as part of our Indie Author Fringe program, Toby introduces a catalog of 15 hand-chosen indie authors The ALLi Members’ Rights Guide, to interested rights buyers at the London and Frankfurt book fairs.

The catalog concentrates on fiction and is open to Professional Members of ALLi who can demonstrate that their sales are stable, or increasing, and have achieved average sales with their most recent titles of 50,000+, or KU/other equivalent.

  • If you would like to submit your work to Toby and you meet the criteria (sold 50,000 books or KU or other equivalent in the past two years), please fill the form below.

    The guide is also circulated twice a year to publishers all over the world, to literary scouts, and to interested film and TV producers. ALLi Members, you can sign up below: Professional Members: More Info Here

  • By opting-in, you agree to allow TMA to act for you in any negotiations that emerge.
  • What Are Publishing Rights?

    How Authors Sell Publishing Rights Alliance of Independent Authors

    If the arena of licensing rights is new to you, ALLi explains all in our guidebook for authors who want to know how to license publishing rights (due February 2016). Like all our guides, it is free to members.

    I Haven’t Sold That Many Books Yet. What About Me?

    ALLi also has an arrangement with two of the largest, and most active, rights selling platforms: IPR License and Pubmatch. More details here.

    Can I talk to Other Professional Members About Their Experience?

    Certainly. Are you a member of our closed forum for professional members?

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