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#SelfPubCon: The Self-Publishing Advice Conference

ALLi members free SelfPubCon access is yours, once you register on the conference site with the ALLi code.

Twice a year, ALLi’s Director Orna Ross and Conference and Blog Manager Sacha Black, run #SelfPubCon, the self-publishing advice conference, in association with the London Book Fair (UK, Spring) and Digital Book World (US, Fall).

This popular online author conference attracts the cream of self-publishing speakers, sponsors and delegates.  24 sessions of the latest self-publishing news and interviews, webinars and presentations over 24-hours, live to indie authors everywhere.

No, we don’t expect you to stay up all night and if you can’t make the date, don’t worry. As an ALLi member, the sessions remain open to you, free of charge, indefinitely. (Open to the wider indie author community for a few days each year).

Whether you’re a newcomer to self-publishing or already selling thousands through multiple retailers, you will learn and benefit from this update on the latest tools, tips and techniques for indie authors — all free of charge and from the comfort of your home.

There are also lots of competitions and giveaways to enjoy, as well as interviews, panel sessions, presentations and debates. Pitch sessions, round tables and social media engagement add to the excitement on the day.

Connect directly with the experts and ask your self-publishing questions.


How To Access the Conference

To attend the conference, you need to register on the conference website, which is separate from the main ALLi website.

You can register your ALLi log-in details on the conference site, so you have the same email and password if you wish, but the conference website will not recognize your credentials if you don’t register first.

  1. Go to to register.
  2. Fill out your details and click the green button at the top “Click here to enter your discount code”
  3. Enter your member code.  The current ALLi member free code is: ALLi19-02
  4. You will see either a green “Submit” or a yellow PayPal payment button. Click to go forward. Don’t worry, you’ll bypass payment with your code.
  5. You then reach your Account page, with payment and other details. You now have access.
  6. You’ll see a giant green button saying: ACCESS THE CONFERENCE CONTENT HERE. Please click that, it will take you to another screen with a choice of all of our conferences, including the current one.
  7. Click through to the conference of your choice. You’re now on the session feed for that conference.

Important: We change the code regularly and spot check code users to ask for their membership number, to ensure that this remains a member-only benefit. If you find your code has expired, you may need to check back here to renew.

How To Become An Affiliate

As a member, we encourage you to spread the word and reward you if you do with a SelfPubCon affiliate program.

If you would like to sign up as an affiliate, there are a few short steps to follow but the most important thing to know is that you first need to register on the conference site with a different email address to the one you used for your Access Pass. (The passwords may be the same but the email must be different).

  1. Go to the following link:
  2. Register, using a unique affiliate username (email) and password.
  3. Click ‘submit and checkout’
  4. You’ll be taken to the ‘Membership Confirmation’ page where you will see a green phrase ‘Affiliate Report’. Please click this.
  5. There you will see your affiliate code and three pre-generated links.

You’re now a signed up affiliate and will receive 50% of any payments made using your links.

Going forward, to view the content, you log in with your access pass email and password.

To manage your affiliate account, you log in with your affiliate email and password.

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