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Advice: Quick & Easy Self-Publishing Guides

Writing is self-expression; publishing is business, for self-publishers as much as everyone else. And while writing requires solitude, business requires connection and collaboration. It takes us away from our own imagination back into the stream of life. To help out, we’ve put together these Quick & Easy Self-Publishing Guides to help writers through the process. Once you know what to look out for, you can take charge of what happens to your hard work after you’re finished writing.

Self-Publishing with Amazon KDP

Self-Publishing with Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is recommended to all ALLi members. No self-publishing service is larger, more innovative, more powerful, more influential with readers, and more useful to writers. But, of course, no company is perfect. Recently, the service has been plagued by click-farming, review- stripping, book-stuffing, and poor communications, causing heated debate and confusion among our members and the wider self-publishing community. That’s why we’re presenting this guide, based on our own research and an interview with Darren Hardy, Amazon KDP’s UK manager, about a number of issues. We hope to provide clarity and dispel some of the many myths and misunderstandings that swirl around Amazon, and enable our members to work well with KDP without fear or confusion. More here.

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