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Advice: Quick & Easy Self-Publishing Guides

Writing is self-expression; publishing is business, for self-publishers as much as everyone else. And while writing requires solitude, business requires connection and collaboration. It takes us away from our own imagination back into the stream of life. To help out, we’ve put together these Quick & Easy Self-Publishing Guides to help writers through the process. Once you know what to look out for, you can take charge of what happens to your hard work after you’re finished writing.

How to Choose a Self-Publishing Service

As soon as an author starts to consider self-publishing, questions begin to arise.  Some are fear-based questions like: What will others think? Will I have the same status as a “properly” published writer? These we can ignore, as we must ignore all self-doubt that interferes with creative output and flow. But valid, work-centered, creative questions also arise. More here.


Go Digital with the 5 Stages of Self-Publishing

The business model of print books selling in bookstores is not commercially viable for most indie authors. Economies of scale means we currently can’t compete with trade publishing in print. But with digital — e-books and POD (print on demand) — we can. More here.