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The Alliance of Independent Authors

The Alliance of Independent Authors is a professional business membership organisation for self-publishing authors. A non-profit, we provide trusted advice, supportive guidance, and a range of resources, within a welcoming community of authors and advisors.

We help you to publish great books and reach more readers.

Gain access to our member forum, discounts and deals, library of self-publishing guides, and much more! 

We have members everywhere in the world.
Take a look at our growing global community.

ALLi has helped me in myriad ways: discounts on services, vetting publishing industry providers, charting a path to my most recent book’s sales success—but more than anything, it’s a community of friendly, knowledgeable, helpful people who are always willing to answer a question or offer guidance. If you’ve chosen to be an independent author, you need to join ALLi.
- Beth Duke -

When I started as an indie author, ALLI’s self-publishing advice was invaluable in helping me make smart decisions. It is now an honor to serve on the ALLi team so that I can pay it forward.
- Michael La Ronn -

I’m new to ALLI but not to indie publishing. I joined looking to find an indie-business focused organization and more professional environment than what I’d found elsewhere. I appreciate that this organization is business focused and has in-depth posts and podcasts addressing important indie-publishing issues and processes.
- Alina K. Field -

I am now an indie published author, and seriously, I couldn’t have done it without this membership. I’d be lost and have wasted time and an awful lot of money, not to mention the lost opportunities being a member brought to my attention. So much info I’d never have found floundering around on my own. I am eternally grateful to ALLi and all the helpful members.
- Erron Adams -

Joining ALLi was probably the best decision I’ve made as a beginner indie author. The Facebook group is amazing – friendly, patient, helpful (and Gods know I’ve been asking *many* questions recently). There are great discounts and offers available as well, my membership cost paid for itself at least five times over by now. But you can’t put a price on all the help I’ve received. I’m not the kind of person that writes testimonials, really – this is an exceptional case. If you’re still trying to decide – just do it! See you soon.
- Bjørn Larssen -

I’ve been an Alliance member for several years now and find it’s the most reliable source when I have questions about anything related to my Indie publishing business. The website is loaded with information, they host an online conference, and the FB group is super valuable. I highly recommend joining if you’re diving into this world.
- Jeanne Felfe -

I’ve been a member since 2012. I really value my membership of the Alliance of Independent Authors. I’ve found it a great support in all my writing and publishing activities – especially the Facebook group which continues to be a place of inspiration and support by the very caring people representing the organisation. I will always keep up my membership.
- Tahlia Newland -

In the past month, I have had 3 book cover design enquiries from being a partner member of Alli with two as current paid projects. So I'm a super happy member!
- Jason Gardner-Conway -

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