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The Alliance of Independent Authors

The Global Non-profit Association for Self-Publishing Authors

Supporting Author-Publishing Worldwide

What Our Members Say

Comments on: Why I’m A Member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi): The Professional Association for Self-Publishing Authors

How To Self-Publish A Book

"To be honest, I joined ALLi for the discounts for IngramSpark printing. It started strictly as an economical decision. That was about 2 months ago. And man, I'm loving it. The private FB group ..."
"Whenever I have a problem, a useful thought or a question to ask, I go to ALLi. Plus, I like hanging out with all the cool dudes on the Facebook site...."

Motivation. Connection. Support. Advice. Advocacy.

Some of Our Campaigns

Open Up To Indie Authors

Would you like to see your self-published books featured at literary festivals, in physical libraries and bookstores, and nominated for major prizes?

Our Open Up To Indie Authors Campaign shows literary, publishing and creative organizations how to include self-publishing authors in their programs.

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Self-Publishing 3.0

Our Self-publishing 3.0 Campaign encourages authors to build sustainable and scalable publishing businesses through their own websites.

It also educates literary and creative industry representatives across the world about the new indie author’s need for business and book marketing skills.

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Ethical Self-Publishing

ALLi has an Ethical Author and Partner Member policy and a Code of Standards for authors and self-publishing services and companies.

Our Watchdog Desk rates the best and worst self-publishing services and companies and alerts authors to those that that overcharge and underdeliver.

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