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Audiblegate Campaign: Fair Deal for Rights Holders

Thank you for your interest in this campaign (hashtag: #audiblegate), where we are fighting for a fairer deal for rights holders–authors and narrators–from Amazon Audible/ACX.

Background: Audible (the Amazon Amazon-owned retailer) and ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange, the Amazon-owned self-publishing platform for audiobooks), have been funding an “Easy Exchange” benefit for customers by secretly clawing back the costs from the author’s share of the payments.

Indie authors have long realized that Audible royalty statements don’t add up and in October 2020 a reporting error revealed the extent of creator losses. But the company still refuses to disclose the amount subtracted without creator knowledge or consent, to apologise, make recompense or any meaningful change to their systems.

ACX/Audible’s commissions are already uniquely low among self-publishing platforms (including other Amazon divisions like Kindle Publishing Direct), as low as 25% though creators take all the audiobook production costs. ACX contracts also have a draconian and anti-competitive seven-year lock-in clause, which means that authors who want to cease dealing with them cannot.

Authors are insisting that Amazon must pay for its unorthodox swap scheme from its own share of the revenue, that its compensation calculations and payment statements must be made transparent, and that the monies secretly removed from creator accounts must be returned.

Responses from the company so far have not meaningfully engaged with these reasonable requests.

More information:

Read this key post from Susan May, the author who is driving the #audiblegate campaign.

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Take an Action:

Thank you for supporting our campaign. We are so pleased to have you with us! Every supporter makes us stronger. We are determined to see a fair deal for authors and narrators.

We’ll be in touch soon with the latest updates.

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