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Resources for Writing Associations and Organizations

ALLi stands for ethics and excellence in self-publishing. We have so much to explore across two websites that we have provided this easy to access page for all writing associations and organizations to share with their author members, so that they can easily navigate what we have to offer and be informed about self-publishing from a reputable source. 

Who are ALLi?

The Alliance of Independent Authors, ALLi (pronounced ‘ally’) is a non-profit organization with a mission of ethics and excellence in self-publishing.

The only global self-publishing membership association, it is now in its second decade of empowering authors through an online advice center (, member benefits, monitoring of the self-publishing sector, and advocacy for independent authors.

We want all authors, whatever their chosen route to publication, to be able to make informed choices and keep up to date with the latest trends, marketing approaches, publishing opportunities and much more. We invite you to explore our many free resources and to learn about our membership benefits.

We are your self-publishing ally.

ALLi offers so much to all authors: explore and learn!

ALLi: your source for the best and most complete global data on self-publishing

The Alliance of Independent Authors both commissions original research (the Indie Author Income Survey) and collates it across the global self-publishing sector (the Big Indie Author Data Drop), to provide the latest and most complete facts and figures on self-publishing available anywhere. You can read our reports on our Self-Publishing Facts and Figures page.

Did you know? Self-published authors earn up to twice as much as those authors who are traditionally published. 

Access our amazing FREE Knowledge Base

We bring you honest, high quality knowledge on all possible aspects of self-publishing.

Books: Members can download in the Member Zone, non-members can purchase in our shop.

Podcast with 500+ episodes: Listen to them here

Blog with 3000+ posts: Read them here

YouTube channel with 600+ videos: View them here

Become an ALLi member

ALLI has a membership option for every stage of your author business. Explore Associate, Author and Authorpreneur benefits and choose the one that's right for you. From free guidebooks and discounts with vetted publishing service providers all the way through to a literary agent for our Authorpreneurs, the right support is available for our members as they grow.

Organization Partner Badge

Ask your existing writing organization/s to join ALLi

Do share information about our Organization Membership with other non-profit writing organizations where you have membership. Many writing associations focus on their own areas such as genre or location. By collaborating with ALLi, they can benefit from our expertise in self-publishing for their own members. In this way more authors can make well-informed choices about their publishing options. Drop us a line at for further details.

Self-publish for free

We never want financial pressures to be a barrier to publication. So we've developed this brief guide to self-publishing for free, to help you get started even without a lot of money. We also tell you where to spend your money to maintain high quality and give you the greatest chance of success.

Stay safe

No author should feel that they cannot write or publish due to safety concerns. Sadly, some authors do feel unsafe and we want to help. Please download, read and implement our brief guide to author safety. Do share this information to your author contacts.

We campaign for you

ALLi does a lot of campaigning work on behalf of all self-published authors. Explore our campaigns to see what we're doing to support author rights and opportunities.

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