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Watchdog Desk: Monitoring the Self-Publishing Services Industry

John Doppler, Head of ALLi Watchdog Desk

ALLi's Watchdog Desk monitors the self-publishing industry in a variety of ways as part of our ongoing Ethical Self-Publishing Campaign. We have a Code of Standards for ethical authors and ethical services

  1. Partner Membership:  This is our highest rating for services (see below), awarded to approved self-publishing services. Author members access these partners through our Partner Search database and they and the wider community through a widely distributed Directory of approved services.
  2. Directory of Services: Members can access this Directory here (log in needed) and the wider community can purchase the directory in our Self-Publishing Advice Center Shop.
  3. Guidebook: Choosing The Best Self-Publishing Services, our comprehensive guide to the industry. Members: see the Guidebooks page (log-in needed). Non-members can purchase a copy here
  4. Services Ratings: As an outreach service to the community, we rate good and bad services on the Services Ratings page in our Self-Publishing Advice Center.
  5. Awards and Contests Ratings: A similar outreach service: our ratings of writing and publishing awards and prizes.
  6. Watchdog Reports issue regularly in the Self-Publishing Advice Center. Read the latest here.

PLEASE NOTE: The ALLi ratings are the opinion of the Watchdog Desk. Ratings are based on careful appraisals of multiple criteria, including pricing and value, quality of service, contract terms and rights, transparency, accountability, and customer satisfaction. 

Contact the Watchdog Desk at any time if you would like to inform us about a service, or discuss a rating.

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