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ALLi Ambassadors

With a membership made up of authors from across the world, ALLi ambassadors enable our organisation to think globally and help locally.

These volunteers are knowledgeable, motivated, experienced and professional ALLi members who help us to champion independent authors and forge new links across our core territories: Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Europe, United States of America and United Kingdom.

Current Ambassadors

United States: Dina Santorelli

The Netherlands: Maria Staal

What Our Ambassadors Do

Your local ALLi ambassador:

  • Is a point of contact in your territory, helping to advise and direct new members to relevant information and contacts
  • Liaises with the core ALLi team, contributing local insights, enabling our members to cross-collaborate across territories and to be the first to break into self-publishing in new territories
  • Assists with locating potential partners for ALLi in their region
  • Reaches out to local press and other relevant organisations

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for ALLi in your area, contact us here.

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