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AskALLi: Self-Publishing Advice You Can Trust

#AskALLi is an umbrella campaign in which we promise to answer any question anyone might have about self-publishing.

We also provide the education and research our members need to become excellent self-publishers: able to produce and promote excellent books in an ethical and reader-centric way.

#AskALLi also provides:

#AskALLi distinguishes between fact and opinion, rejects speculation in favor of what has been tried and tested by our members and followers, focusses on agreed best practice and long-term strategies for building a sustainable writing practice and a sustainable and scalable author business.

Yes, we’ll tell you about publishing shortcuts and neat tricks and tools and we know that each indie authors is the expert in their own working life, the creative director their books and their author business. But the guiding principles of the #AskALLi campaign are steady, sustainable, long-term growth and exploitation of intellectual property in as many formats and through as many platforms as possible, to foster true author independence.

#AskALLi offers advice you can trust, in a collegiate spirit that allows you to make up your own mind.

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